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Going To The Beach: Chinese Style

People swarm to beach to spend hot summer

11:49, July 17, 2011      

Tourists visit the Laolongtou scenic spot in Qinhuangdao City, north China's Hebei Province, July 16, 2011. As summer comes, Qinhuangdao City, which owns many famous scenic spots, enters a busy season of tourism. (Xinhua/Liang Zhiqiang)

Facekini – The Latest Beach Trend in China


 AUGUST 27, 2012 
Ok, so Asians are in the habit of preferring all things fair and white, right?
Not to say, beauty is not in the eye of beholder but it gets a bit extreme with the latest trend of facekini emerging in China. 
Following the various swimwear of tankini, mankini and burkini (a sort of burqa wetsuit), the facekini is the newest obsession of the Chinese. It’s sort of like a face mask for swimming purposes.
The facekini is usually worn with long sleeves and pants to protect every inch of the body. The idea is you can still enjoy the sun, sea and surf while not having to worry about getting tanned or being hit by the harmful UV rays.
It is the ultimate sunblock alternative for the fair skin-conscious ladies.
Women in the Shandong province of east China have been reported to wear the protective mask at the beach, and in the process, gaining a lot of attention from the international media. Reports say the facekini was invented seven years ago by a local, and it is said to also be able to help protect against insects and jellyfish.
Traditionally, Asians have a preference for fair skin because a tan is associated with outdoor work and physical labour in the rural areas. Paler skin is an indication of a certain status – pampered and successful life. No toiling around!
Thus, fair skin is preferred by many in this part of the world and pushed by the availability of whitening products targeted at Asians in the market, many have a skewed view of fair beauty.
What do you think of the facekini?

Chinese women wear facekinis to protect their skin on the beach


A Day At The Beach In China...........

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