Friday, October 4, 2019

‘There’s a surprise’: The Labor MP who raised Chinese flag refuses to answer questions

‘There’s a surprise’: The Labor MP who raised Chinese flag refuses to answer questions

The Labor MP who raised China’s flag above the Box Hill police station seems to be taking inspiration from the Chinese government in how he responds to criticism over his actions.
It’s been revealed Box Hill member Paul Hamer played a starring role at the National Day of the People’s Republic ceremony, which prompted widespread anger given it came amid reports of Chinese police firing on protesters in Hong Kong.
Local councillors have slammed the flag-raising and police command have since admitted they will reflect upon whether the ceremony, in its fifth year, should continue.
But the electorate’s paid representative Mr Hamer, who was filmed raising the flag, doesn’t want to answer any questions.
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He declined an invitation to speak to 3AW on the matter, instead sending this short statement that doesn’t address the issue of raising the flag above Box Hill police station.
I represent a strong multicultural electorate and will always be proud of the contribution Chinese Australians have made and continue to make to my community and our State.
I attended this event alongside Victoria Police, the local council and opposition.
“Now there’s a surprise,” Neil Mitchell said of the refusal to answer questions, pointing out you can do all of the above without raising the Chinese flag.
“But then, in some ways, this Andrews Government embraces the philosophies of the Chinese government.
“Treat the media with contempt. Tell them nothing, try to control them, and if you can’t control them, ban them.”

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