Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rick Martin: Eric Jon Phelps Interview- The Jesuits [2000]

 The Eric Jon Phelps Interview

The Jesuits are determined to destroy this American Empire that they have used for the last 100 years. So what they are doing now is, they are going to break apart the Empire.
And how are they doing this? Well, one of the things they’ve done is they’ve created this issue where an American submarine hit this Japanese fishing boat, killing all the Japanese on the boat, I believe, and the skipper was court-martialed. But nonetheless, it was a deliberate act of murder, because with that kind of technology on a submarine, you just don’t hit a boat. And you just don’t have some civilian driving the submarine either. That’s ridiculous. So they are creating agitations with nations like Japan, with this incident.
They’re creating deliberate agitation with nations like China, with the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. They’re creating agitations with China, Japan, which will ultimately result in Japan and China uniting. With the military power of China, with the economic power of Japan—when already Hong Kong has been given to China, which now, because of that financial might, China is able to take control of the Panama Canal; they control the canal locks through Hutchison Whampoa, a Chinese corporation [Li Ka-Shing.] They are now building the largest shipping dock in the world in the Bahamas, owned by the Red Chinese. The Red Chinese now have the Long Beach Naval Station, which is now Cosco.
So they are in a position now to be able to establish a beach-head when they invade.
The thing is: Does China have the fleet to do it? No, China doesn’t have the fleet right now to do it, but Russia does. Russia has the largest merchant marine fleet in the world. And we are very much deceived into thinking that China and Russia are enemies. They are not enemies; they work together. They are controlled by the same Jesuit Order. The Jesuits run Peking; they also run Moscow. They run the dictator of China and they run the dictator of Russia. It doesn’t matter who he is. It doesn’t matter what their names are. The Jesuits control them, and if they resist them, they’re out! Just like in the United States.
So, they’re breaking apart the American Empire. They’re creating a huge coalition of Oriental nations for our invasion.
Now, let’s talk about Africa. There are 700,000, as I understand it, Chinese troops in Somalia. Chuck Colson, one of the conspirators in the Kennedy assassination and the Watergate cover-up, is now the false Bible-believer, the false Protestant. He’s working for the Jesuits because the head of his prison fellowship is a Roman Catholic.
Colson now is being used to try to get an American military force into the Sudan to save these Black Christians, who in fact are Black Roman Catholics. If that is accomplished, if that is done, we are now going to have a large military force in the Sudan, and there’s a large military force in Somalia. What do you think it would take for those two military forces to clash?
And if those military forces clash, we will have an escalation in Africa, which I believe is what the Jesuits want. Because, if that happens, there can be a surgical strike into Jerusalem for the blowing-up of the Dome of the Rock. The Moslems, the Muftis, have known that was the intent of the Zionists for years, the blowing of the Dome of the Rock, so that Solomon’s Temple can be rebuilt. And you can find this information in Pierre van Paassen’s great work, written in 1939, called Days Of Our Years. So, with this coalition with the 14th Amendment American forces against the Chinese forces in Africa, this could happen.
Now, what would happen as a result of the destruction of the Dome of the Rock? Well, the Moslems regard the Dome of the Rock as the third most important holy place in their religion. They would call for a Jihad against “The Great Satan”, the United States. And with a Jihad, a Holy War, against the United States, they would then go across Africa to West Africa. There will probably be a coalition of ships ready at that time, to be ferried across the Atlantic Ocean into Cuba. And Cuba will be the landing base, the staging base for the invasion of the Protestant American South, the last real Protestant bastion of liberty in the world.
Remember: according to the Koran, it is no murder to kill a Christian; in fact, it is a virtuous act.
So, here we’d have all of these Moslem troopers, millions of Moslem troopers will be landing in Miami, landing in New Orleans, landing in the South of the United States, coupled with a Cuban military force, coupled with, probably, also a Chinese military force coming from the West Coast, and coming up through the Panama Canal to unite with them in the attack of the American South. With the blood bath that will ensue, this whole coalition of nations: China, Russia, Cuba, the Arabs, they will carry out the destruction and annihilation of this North American population, WHICH INCLUDES CANADA; it definitely includes Canada.
It is for this reason, because the government is controlled by the Jesuits, the government of the United States is seeking our total disarmament and the abolition of all gun ownership. This is why the Jesuit Conference, for years, has been anti-gun-ownership, meaning handguns, rifles, and shotguns.
So, to have the American people completely disarmed, our military cut way down, we have no Navy any more, really, to speak of; we have no Army—it’s a totally demoralized Army, with this forced integration; and we have Black supremacy in the Army.
I was there, in Germany, for 3 years. I watched it with my own eyes. So, we have a demoralized American Army that doesn’t know what to fight.
Martin: Let me just jump-in here to say that Bush is beefing-up the military, reversing what was done previously by Clinton. How can you say we have a weak Army when we’re about to spend billions beefing up our defenses? Is this just a show?
Phelps: That’s just a show. Because the Jesuits who controlled Clinton are the same Jesuits who control Bush. And remember, we were already scaling-down with Carter and Reagan and Ford.
And so, this whole idea of re-armament, it might be for some super-system of preventing missiles from coming in, an anti-ballistic missile system, but that’s ridiculous, because we know there is no such thing as universal nuclear war. We have no evidence that incoming nukes can detonate a specific target.
We don’t know EXACTLY what transpired at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but they have contorted that into the hoax of thermo-nuclear war, which I do not believe can happen. Bruce Cathie doesn’t believe it can happen; William Cooper doesn’t believe it can happen; and other physicists don’t believe it can happen. Other physicists don’t believe it’s possible, which now limits us to a standing army of men who know how to fight, which we do not have. We don’t have it anymore.
So, with all of these hordes of invaders coming in, and a disarmed population, it would be a piece of cake. Remember that Spain was invaded by 4 million Moslem troopers. They landed in the Canary Islands, and from the Canary Islands they then invaded Spain, and they were led by a Roman Catholic Archbishop who was backing Franco! This is in the 1930s.
If they did it in the ’30s, won’t they do it now? And if they used Moslems to kill Orthodox Serbians just recently, in the 1990s, wouldn’t they use Moslems to kill Protestant Americans? If they used Moslems to kill Roman Catholic Spanish, wouldn’t they do the same thing here? Sure they would. So that’s what is happening in the United States.
Martin: What just happened in Europe with Bush going over there and theoretically being given a hard time by the European community? What do you see happening in Europe right now?
Phelps: Well, not believing the press is our first maxim of reading.
Remember, a unified Europe is a Vatican brainchild. That all originated with the Jesuits in the Vatican for the reuniting of the Holy Roman Empire, which our friend Leo Lehmann said is exactly what the Jesuits wanted in 1942—a reunited Holy Roman Empire with a Catholic Germany at it’s core.
Martin: And you base all of your conclusions just on this one person?
Phelps: No, no, no, no—this is a certain topic, and he adds to the color we’re given.
Martin: I know that, but I asked the question that way because not all of our readers will be aware of the extent of the bibliography supporting the contentions of your research in VATICAN ASSASSINS.
Phelps: Ok. The Jesuits want a unified Europe. The Bible-believers of England are greatly resisting it, but the Jesuit-controlled Tony Blair will, ultimately, bring England into that Union. And Bush is helping to co-ordinate that, because the Federal Reserve Bank, the largest bank in the world, is one of the greatest contributors, or players, in international trading.
Martin: Are you saying that Alan Greenspan is a pawn of the Jesuit Order?
Phelps: Absolutely. Alan Greenspan is a Masonic Jewish Zionist and a pawn of the Jesuit Order. And the Jesuits are very careful to have visible Jews at the head of the Federal Reserve System so they can blame all the evils of the Federal Reserve Bank on the Jews.
We’re never told, for example, that the head, right now, of the most powerful Federal Reserve Bank—because there are 12 of them—in New York is a man named McDonough. He’s an Irish Roman Catholic. He’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He’s a friend, a bosom-buddy of O’Hare, who is the President and Jesuit of the 4th Vow of Fordham University.
Why are we not told that about the Federal Reserve Bank? It’s always Jews, Jews, Jews. Jews are just pawns. They’ve always been the bankers for the Pope. The Masonic Jewish bankers are the bankers for the Pope. And before the Rothschild's, it was the Fuggers.
Martin: Who are the College of Cardinals who choose the Pope?
Phelps: The College of Cardinals is REALLY the Roman Senate. The Pope is really the Caesar. And so this military Caesar is elected by Roman Senators, as to who will be their leader for World Government under the 7th Roman Caesar, who’s yet to come. And so, the ones who do the electing are the Cardinals.
Martin: Now, those who see the current Pope see a very frail man. Has he served well? Is that why he’s been allowed to stay on so long?
Phelps: He’s done very well. He’s served the Jesuit Order perfectly. This supposed rift between him and Arrupe, and suppressing the Jesuits with their Liberation Theology in Central America, is all for public consumption. That Pope is completely emasculated with regard to the power of the Jesuit Order.
The Jesuit Order has proven its power with the Napoleonic Wars, the killing of Pope Pius VI, the imprisoning of Pius VII, the restoration by Pius VII.