Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Riadys' [Lippo Group]....Assumed Another Name For Secrecy, Property Development Group [PDG]

The Riadys' [Lippo Group]

Who go under another name for secrecy: PDG out of Vancouver, BC, Canada......
Are a Chinese banking family based in Indonesia, the Riadys' have some $5 billion of business investments closely interlocked with the Chinese governmentthe Chinese Communist Party, and Chinese military intelligence [The PLA]. When the Riadys' wanted property on Wangfujing Street, the most valuable commercial block in central Beijing, they were powerful enough to get Beijing to break China's lease with McDonalds and move America's profitable fast-food outlet to an inferior location. 

In Canada
The Riady's counterparts, PDG are [working covertly for the Chinese Communist Government , the CCP] by proxy. They are currently developing commercial land space in Penticton, once called The Channel Crossing, now renamed "Skaha Lake Landing".This on again off again project has been a burning issue for over a decade now showing little chance of getting off the ground. Problems over the size of the bridge and the implied monies it would cost the city to construct . Arguments over who should wear the costs and the terms were the stymieing issues. So far the federal government wants good space for ships w/masts to pass under the bridge so a minimum ceiling was issued. This bridge would be built at the junction of Green Avenue and The Channel Parkway. Work on this bridge started last week, second week of January 2015.

The US And The Clinton Campaign
The Riadys' ran into legal trouble with The US Feds over influence peddling during the Clinton election campaign. They were caught fined and kicked out of the US after funneling monies by proxy through their Communist covert buddies.The details of which I will provide later. This same family are the ones behind the local Penticton Channel project, in league w/the the local native band and PIB, [Penticton Indian Band]chief Mr. Kruger. Here is the PDG prospectus with the head man trained, and employed by The Riady family. Here they are today meddling in our affairs covertly through PDG. 
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