Monday, February 1, 2016

Murder accused 'can't remember' ordering male prostitute as he fled to China because he was drunk

Newly released video has revealed the movements of the high-achieving son accused of killing his mother and fleeing to China.
The night before his mother’s death Wei Li calmly filled up the family Mercedes at two Adelaide service stations.
He admits hours later he strangled his mum after she ‘went berserk’ and tried to kill him with a metal rod for skipping piano practice.
The 23-year-old then spent the night in the house with her lifeless body and took photos of the home before driving off.

But the car broke down.
Li was then spotted at Adelaide and Melbourne airports before he checked into an apartment.
He stayed for two days, even ordering a male prostitute.
Phone logs show his father called him 120 times.
Wei Li was 18 at the time of the murder and claims he acted in self-defence. Photo: 7News
Wei Li didn’t answer despite telling the court he was heading for China to see his dad.
The prosecutor accused Li of lying as he claimed he couldn’t recall anything after his mother’s death because he was blind drunk for days.
Emma Tien's body was wheeled out of her Burnside home by investigators. Photo: 7News
But then Li admitted he’d had a bottle and a half of spirits over three days and conceded he didn’t look drunk on camera.
Wei Li took selfies after his mother died and claimed he had sustained similar injuries to his mother’s 57 blows, but could not explain why they were not visible in the photos.