Are the Chinese cheating

in the London 2012 Olympic


The Chinese cheated in many previous Olympic games.

Their female gymnasts looked 11 or 12 (average age must be 16 for gymnastics)

I see alot of tiredness and acne in their physical appearance after events.. which are signs of steroids

Ye S.. the Chinese female swimmer who gotten many medals and who is faster than Ryan lochte(one of the best American swimmers) and Im not sexist but men are in FACT physically more advanced than females.. especially in the olympics..

NO don't call me racist or a sore loser.. I have many chinese friends.. and I have great sportsmanship..

Just seems TOO suspicious! considering they've done it many times before

Also, I look at the chart of the quantity of medals with the countries and I find it weird how the U.S is always exactly 1 behind the Chinese... oh and don't say the Chinese are just better because this is all sudden and all the other athletes from counters train the same time as the Chinese do..

the Chinese never had a reputation of winning so many medals which is also strange, why all the sudden? the U.S best them I their OWN country 4 years ago.. this is 

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