Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The worlds most EVIL corporations and organisations

The worlds most EVIL corporations and organisations

I will present here now, companies that resort to nothing short of murder and mass genocide to save a few bucks and to make sure their products are nestled comfortably in every home. Here are some of those pure evil corporations. You’ve probably bought something from most of them in the past few weeks. But you must start to THINK! Because it seems to be VERY hard to be a mega-company and NOT be evil.
I know that it’s quite easy to sit back behind the pc and blame corporations for the evils of the world. Like: McDonald’s makes people fat and sick. Monsanto will kill us all, they’re part of the Greed Leaders plan to de-populate the planet. But there’s just something about setting up a huge conglomerate of global reach that somehow makes the CEO after while want to develop viruses and weapons and evil robots, and take over the world. Well people.. power and money corrupts and destroys your brain. It’s just how it is. That’s the backside of their greed game.
Wall Street controlled by The Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group
Wall Street is a predatory body of evil that’s feasting on the weakness and ignorance of not only average shareholders but on everyone. Wall street traders have access to company’s and other people’s money and it’s there for them to take.
In 1973, David Rockefeller asked Zbigniew Brzezinski to put together an organization of the top political, and business leaders from around the World. He called this group the Trilateral Commission (TC). which consisted of leaders in business, Wall Street banking, Governments, and mass media from North America, Western Europe, and Japan. David Rockefeller was founding chairman, and Brzezinski founding director of the North American branch, most of whose members were also in the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)
The stated goals of the Trilateral Commission are: “Close Trilateral cooperation in keeping the peace, in managing the world economy, in fostering economic redevelopment, and alleviating world poverty will improve the chances of a smooth, and peaceful evolution of the global system.” What tey really want with this entity is a complete take over. Nothing more. (Globalisation and Governance)
And the Bilderbergers are related to this. Bilderberg Group is now “a shadow world government threatening to take away our right to direct our own destinies by creating a disturbing “reality” very much harming the public’s welfare. In short, Bilderbergers want to supplant individual nation-state sovereignty with an all-powerful global government, corporate controlled, and check-mated by militarized enforcement. WORLD DOMINATION that is.
So the small Wall Street thugs are under these giants control. But nevertheless we need to treat all Wall Street bankers as pure evil and criminal and most of them need to be prosecuted for what they’ve done. And these people are also really sick. Or have you heard about the psychotic director that doesn’t let you touch his desk unless his calculator is turned 35 degrees?
“An investment banker at a top-tier firm said one director on his floor was so OCD about his desk—which he kept squeaky clean that he freaked out whenever came near to touching it”
Josh Shapiro:
Josh Shapiro
Josh Shapiro made tens of thousands of dollars per month in the 1990s working for shady investors Jordan Belfort and Danny Porush. Shapiro say: ‘These people were some of the worst people who I have ever met in my life,’ Shapiro arrived home to Long Island from the Marines in 1993 and soon got a job at Stratton Oakmont after his physician father suggested he enter the business co-owned by his partner’s son, Danny Porush. When Danny Porush told him he could make $100,000 per month, Shapiro leaped onboard.
Shapiro: To this day, I still remember two clients’ names who lost all their money because of me.
And new studies conducted by Canadian forensic psychologist Robert Hare indicate that about 1 percent of the general population can be categorized as psychopathic, but the prevalence rate in the financial services industry is 10 percent. And Christopher Bayer believes, based on his experience, that the rate is much higher.
These “financial psychopaths” generally lack empathy and interest in what other people feel or think. At the same time, they display an abundance of charm, charisma, intelligence, credentials, an unparalleled capacity for lying, fabrication, and manipulation, and a drive for thrill seeking. Bayer is a well-known psychologist who provides therapy to Wall Street traders.
The easiest way to explain the never-ending string of Wall Street scandals and implosions is to observe that a surprising percentage of people in the financial industry are psychopaths.
Facebook & Google
Facebook & Google treats you like a lab rats. But as long as a billion plus individuals are updating their status and checking their News Feeds frequently, Wall Street won’t care, either. That’s because investors only care about two emotions: Fear and greed. The latter is currently the one most associated with Facebook.
Google it? What kind of stupid expression is that? SEARCH for it should be better. Google are NOT alone in the Internet search business. Google logs ( In your personal data base) everything you write and where you are and when you search for something. And they are NOT unwilling to give you up to the authority’s when ever they want. They also SELL your search terms and info. But there are, other better Search Engines like DuckDuckGo and Startpagewho are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its user community.
Lets take a quick look at Monsanto. Monsanto needs no introduction. But they’re a pesticide manufacturer known for being the first company to genetically modify a seed to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides. Their seeds are billed as “Roundup-Ready,” meaning that it’s the only thing that will stay alive in a field that’s been sprayed with Roundup, Monsanto’s main herbicide product.
Monsanto led the movement towards genetically modified crops food crops, that was bigger, grew faster, and could be literally doused in chemicals and still not die? Also have in mind that this EVIL company’s products “GMO crops” is untested “except for this study done on rats with a 11 percent GM corn diet” but still were six times more likely to die, and Monsanto itself is totally unethical.
In 2002, Monsanto was also convicted of dumping tens of thousands of pounds of PCBs into the waterways of Anniston, Alabama US, before they got caught, they had been lying about it for years. This led to the highest concentrations of the toxic pollutant ever recorded in history. Monsanto’s psychopathic view on the situation was, “We can’t afford to lose a dollar of profit” (that’s a real quote). Wee don’t need Phsyco-Greed company’s like this anywhere on the planet. We need to get rid of them for good.
And then we have the advertising companies, all of them lie to sell their products. They also invade our homes with their stinking advertising that literally poisons our homes with the TV as their tool. They also use radio not to mention the Internet or how they plague our phones. All this we must be REMOVED!! We are tired of it.
Philip Morris
Is it sane, to have 10-year old children helping your company earn billions in cigarette sales each year? Philip Morris do!
It’s bad enough that cigarettes are “for sure” deadly for those who choose to smoke, but workers in the tobacco industry can be equally at risk. A new report called Hellish Work released by Human Rights Watch has revealed 72 cases of children as young as 10 working 12-hour days in Kazakhstan tobacco fields for Philip Morris International, a job with particular risks for child workers, warn the authors of Hellish Work. Nicotine absorbed through the skin is a serious health issue. Those handling tobacco leaves can absorb as much nicotine daily as they would get by smoking 36 cigarettes a staggering dose for children.
Human Rights Watch is an international non-governmental organization that conducts research and advocacy on human rights. Its 115-page report Hellish Work documents how some employers confiscated migrant tobacco workers’ passports, failed to provide them with written contracts, did not pay regular wages, cheated them of earnings, and required them to work excessively long hours. But it was the disclosure of the conditions suffered by children working in the tobacco fields that was most disturbing. According to the report:
“Children’s still-developing bodies are more vulnerable than adults’ bodies to the effects of tobacco and pesticide exposure. Short-term effects include nausea, headaches, vomiting and dizziness; brain damage and cancer are among the long-term effects.”
The children and their families are mostly seasonal contract workers. This is not an enviable status, Human Rights Watch makes clear. They are often underpaid and in some cases not paid at all..
American Cyanamid Co
American Cyanamid Co
In the four years between 1996 and 2000, companies in the US exported a little over a billion pounds of chemical pesticides to third-world countries. That’s not really a big deal, but this is: Most of those pesticides were BANNED in the US because they were known carcinogens but through a loophole, it’s still legal to manufacture and export them, as long as they’re not being used in the America?
As a result, over 350 million agricultural workers in areas like Africa and Central America are put in contact with these chemicals, only, through another loophole, they’re not told about the small fact that without the proper gear they have a very good chance of dying. So you end up with a situation like this plantation in Costa Rica that was sold a pesticide called Counter by American Cyanamid Co. This is how they work, the stupid greedy psychopaths, and that’s all that they are.
Pharmaceutical Companies (All over the world)
Pharmaceutical logos
In 2009, something strange was discovered in the water near Patancheru, India high concentrations of over 21 different pharmaceutical drugs were mixed in with the town’s water supply. As it turned out, these drugs were being dumped in the stream by the many factories in the region factories owned by US pharmaceutical companies.  In particular, one factory was dumping 100 pounds of an antibiotic called ciprofloxacin into the stream “per day” This is the town’s only water source, providing everything from drinking water to a place to bathe.
Pharmaceutical waste like this has been discovered in the US as well, and it’s estimated that about 46 million Americans’ tap water contains traces of pharmaceutical drugs in varying concentrations. Based on where the drugs have been found, EPA officials believe that it’s coming from illegal dumping by nearby factories. How evil isn’t this? Aside from its effect on wildlife stunted growth and other complications, we don’t really know what kind of effect small quantities of dozens of combined drugs will have on people. But it can’t be that good. Off course NOT but they make a buck..
WAL-Mart and alike (All over the world)
Wal-Mart isn’t exactly a poster-child for workers’ rights. But there is more of these companies around the world, believe me! Besides running sweatshops in China and refusing to hire women, they’ve also been pegged with nearly 250 cases of hiring illegal workers to clean their stores, forcing them to work seven days a week and locking them in the stores at night.
And then there’s the small matter of possible human trafficking. One of Wal-Mart’s supply partners is the Phatthana Seafood Company, a shrimp processing plant in Thailand. The workers paid recruitment agents large sums of money for the opportunity to work, after which their passports were taken from them until they had worked long enough to pay off the debt. In a legal sense, that’s one of the criteria used to judge human trafficking cases. Wal-Mart has ownership around the entire globe. Link
The workers are paid $8.48 per day, but the factory only runs an average of 14 days a month, so many of them have to resort to catching snails and tadpoles just to eat. Good conditions?
Union Carbide
At the ruins of the Union Carbide pesticide factory lie in the very center of India, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which means Middle State. There, in the capital city of Bhopal, inside the old city that sits across a lake from the new city, inside the crumbling but imposing fortress gates and beyond the twisting medieval alleyways and public squares, past makeshift shacks, scrubland, and slime-filled canals, surrounded by a boundary wall and guarded by a contingent of policemen, is the site of the worst industrial disaster in the history of the world.
But the source of this particular evil was, in fact, the factory. An accident there had sent forty metric tons of methyl isocyanate (MIC), a lethal chemical, into a runaway reaction that released a toxic gas. The gas-filled the night air of Old Bhopal and entered into people’s bloodstreams, where it then dissolved into hydrocyanic acid, attacking the lungs, respiratory tracts, kidneys, liver, and brain. In order to get away from the choking, burning air, people abandoned their houses and tenements.
They ran away from the slums, out of Old Bhopal, across the lake and the hills that divide New Bhopal from Old Bhopal and that would keep the city’s wealthier residents relatively safe even as the poor choked on the fumes. They poured into the new city, into the railway station, some dying in the stampede, others succumbing to the fumes. So many people died that mass cremation and burials took place, bodies piled one on top of another. Corpses were loaded onto trucks and hastily driven out of the city. And NOBODY has ever been given ANY compensation for this by Union Carbid. Today named: Dow Chemical
We all know by now that for an overwhelming majority of new-born babies, breast milk is the most nutritious and wholesome baby food. Unsupplemented, it is all that is required to sustain growth and good nutrition for the first six months of life in the babies of well nourished mothers. Even in poorly nourished mothers, the volume and composition of breast milk are usually surprisingly good. And breast milk contains quantities of enzymes, antibodies, and immunizing agents that protect an infant’s ultra-sensitive digestive tract from a wide range of diseases.
For centuries, these natural advantages allowed human breast milk to retain a monopoly in the infant food market. There was no competition because there was no need for an alternative breast milk satisfied the needs of billions of babies and their mothers. Then came the EVIL man Henri Nestle.
During the late 1800s, Nestle and the company he founded developed infant formula as a substitute for human milk, ostensibly to “save the life of an infant who could not be breast-fed.” But the percentage of women throughout the world who bore children incapable of being breast-fed was small, and Henri Nestle, an entrepreneur, could not expect to make much money selling his substitute for human milk. But he had other plans. So, Nestle’s corporation made its pitch not only to mothers who couldn’t breast-feed their infants but to a much larger market mothers who were perfectly capable of breast-feeding their babies. Nestle had to convince millions of mothers that breast-feeding was not as good for the baby as bottle-feeding. And they bought it?`
And Mothers, especially mothers in the Third World, were bombarded with advertisements on radio, television, and in newspapers from infant formula companies extolling the alleged benefits of infant formula. The virtues of breast-feeding were rarely noted. In August, 1974, for example, Nestle broadcast 135 30-second advertisements for its infant formula Lactogen in Sierra Leone, while in December, Unigate, another infant formula company, ran 45 30-second advertisements for its Cow and Gate brand, and Abbott ran 66 promoting Similac in the same month.
And this stupid product which requires clean water, good sanitation, adequate family income and a literate parent to follow printed instructions cannot be properly and safely used in areas where water is contaminated, sewage runs in the streets, poverty is severe and illiteracy is high. BUt Nestle didn’t care..
It has now been estimated that 15 million children under the age of five die every year, partly from malnutrition. The vast majority of these injuries occurs in the developing world and the causes are widespread, but more and more specialists within the infant nutrition and health care community are focusing their attention on infant formula use as an important causal factor in the high levels of infant diarrhea, malnutrition, and mortality.
All over the world, Nestle has been draining the water from financially beleaguered regions. The technique Nestlé uses is this: Find an economically weak region, buy up the land surrounding the water source and grease the political wheels by making a proposal the residents can’t possibly refuse. How can depressed regions resist new jobs and added local revenue? But, the revenue generated by these regions natural resource by and large goes to a corporation headquartered in Lake Geneva, Switzerland. And if the financial incentives aren’t enough to assuage concerned citizens, Nestlé’s more than happy to battle it out in court.
From Popular Resistance: When people purchase bottled water, they are supporting the concept that water is a commodity, not a right. Something to think about..We have to REMOVE people and company’s like this, its crap we don’t need.
Oil Company’s (Plains All American Pipeline)
While many oil companies are certainly under a great deal of public scrutiny, the corporation that builds many of the pipelines that the oil is pumped through goes relatively unnoticed. Since we’re talking about a company responsible for pumping oil across North America, I’m sure you can guess their major offense.
Between 2004 and 2007, pipelines owned by Plains All American spilled over 273,000 gallons of oil across four states. The company was also responsible for one of the largest land-based oil spills in history. In 2011, a pipeline owned by Plains All American subsidiary Plains Midstream Canada ruptured, spilling 28,000 barrels (nearly 1.2 million gallons) in Little Buffalo, Alberta. They are facing a disgustingly low fine of $1.5 million, which is less than the value of the oil.
Plains Midstream continued to pollute Alberta when another pipeline, this one 46 years old, ruptured in Jackson Creek in 2012, spilling somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 barrels in the Red Deer River. Think about that?
Over 63 percent of the world’s oil is produced by 10 lucky countries, which helps explain why oil tycoons tend to clock in somewhere between drug dealers and Donald Trump on the spectrum of tackiest per capita displays of wealth. The top 10 countries are a mixture of famously oil-rich Middle Eastern nations (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait), countries that possess lots of land and the technology to drill it (Canada, the U.S., and Russia), and countries that clearly landed on this list by way of clerical error, like Nigeria.
Shockingly, that’s not a mistake. The capital of petty email fraud is extremely rich in oil. But before you start responding to those wealthy Nigerian princes stowed away in the “Look into?” email folder, it turns out very little of that money ever found its way to the people of Nigeria. During the oil discovery process, somewhere between the part where “a bubbling crude” comes up through the ground and the part where the narrator helpfully clarifies “Oil, that is, black gold, Texas tea,” the people of Nigeria turned around to find the Royal Dutch Shell Company balls deep in their oil deposits. They started pumping oil out of the country in the 1930s and haven’t stopped since. They don’t care about people’s rights or their need.
And not to forget the pollution that the oil industry stands for, which is substantial. In a recent EPA report its said that the average American uses 550 gallons of gasoline a year, and cars emit about 25 pounds of greenhouse gases with every gallon. This amounts to an oil spill per day into the earth’s atmosphere.
As international negotiators contemplate ways to hold oil companies accountable for the billions of dollars in damages caused by their product’s contribution to climate change, there may be something to be learned from how those companies are compelled to account for the potentially catastrophic effects of an oil spill. Isn’t there any other substance to drive our cars with? of course there is. But it has been suppressed by company’s like these ones.
This is a persistent claim, and its true. Because in market economies where the profit motive reigns supreme, extremely valuable inventions are hidden to prevent their sale. Supposedly, if the inventions were available they would destroy the profits of big Oil corporations by making their products obsolete. So these corporations buy up wonderful inventions to make sure we can’t buy them.
” A popular hidden-invention claim concerns a carburetor that would greatly increase the gas mileage of ordinary automobiles. Assume that while tinkering in your garage you develop a carburetor that allows the heaviest car to get 150 miles per gallon—your mileage may vary slightly, depending on how you drive. Would you hide this invention? Surely not, because the opportunity cost would be enormous. The cost would equal the amount someone would be willing to pay for the rights to the carburetor. And who would offer you a lot of money for your invention? When I ask students this question, the answer is, usually, a big oil company. When I ask next what the oil company would do with the carburetor, the answer is, invariably, hide it.”
Today we think of big corporations being run by shady psychotic individuals who would watch the world burn if it meant making and saving a few bucks. And with all rights. Because when investigating these corporations it turns out that we aren’t too “far off” in many cases. The list of such company’s goes on and on.  Also added in this category are “Trilateral Commission” “Bilderberg Group” and “Military-Industrial Complex” and many others along with distraction (such as unnecessary work, study, entertainment and sport) is being used effectively to spread individuality.
Individuality and individualism are not the same. We are a society based on “individualism” not individuality. Individualism is a Illuminati construct, a concept of self, imposed from the outside using social pressure, or force, to ensure conformity to a group norm. Everything outside this norm is then weird. And not accepted by the group. This is done by gathering the groups into one. So that they are easier to control. They want to decide what YOU think. Instead of supporting loving guidance and various opportunities to develop and exercise one’s free will, respecting the rights and needs of others, which should be the rule of any free society.
When will WE stop them?