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RCMP says it has shut down 'illegal police activity' connected to Chinese 'police stations'

RCMP says it has shut down 'illegal police activity' connected to Chinese 'police stations' but hasn't said if it has made arrests. No one arrested. No one deported. I don't believe a word of it, especially since it came from Trudeau's mouthpiece, the CBC

June 6 2023

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre condemned the federal government for not publicly disclosing the number of 'secret' Chinese 'police stations' operating in Canada. 'All Canadians deserve to know the answer,' he said.

After the public disclosure of two suspected Chinese' police stations' in Québec, the RCMP unveiled it "shut down illegal police activity" in Ontario, Québec and B.C. However, the federal police service has not confirmed whether they made any arrests.

In mid-March, the RCMP told reporters it looked into reports of stations operating in Vancouver and Montreal.

Alongside the Service à la Famille Chinoise du Grand Montréal (SFCGM), the RCMP investigated the Centre Sino-Québec over suspicions they front for China to identify, monitor, intimidate or silence critics of the CCP.

Conservative MP Michael Chong learned on May 1 that China targeted his family as part of an intimidation campaign, receiving two anonymous threats from suspected Chinese agents on the evening of May 2.

Former Conservative leader Erin O'Toole informed the Commons on May 30 that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) briefed him on a Chinese-led campaign determined to discredit him and promote false narratives about his policies while party leader. 

Neither CSIS nor the federal government flagged the threats on either MP.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre condemned the federal government for not publicly disclosing the number of 'secret' Chinese 'police stations' operating in Canada. "All Canadians deserve to know the answer," he said.

According to a 2022 document by Safeguard Defenders, more than 50 Chinese police stations exist worldwide, with three secret "police stations" possibly located in the Greater Toronto Area. However, the RCMP received 15 tips about two possible 'police stations' in Montreal.

The RCMP initially confined their probe of alleged 'police stations' in the Greater Toronto Area last fall. They told the CBC some of the activity "is occurring at locations where other legitimate services to the Chinese Canadian Community are being offered."

Action Free Hong Kong Montreal spokesperson Benjamin Fung said critics of China know the regime had an "underground" influence network in Canada.

"If this is a police station from China, they can use the funds to expand their network and their connections. This is also one way to monitor the many international Chinese students here," Fung told the Montreal Gazette.

A 2021 Public Safety Canada memo revealed Chinese proxies harassed students at Canadian universities through the United Front Work Department "to stifle criticism, infiltrate foreign political parties, diaspora communities, universities and multinational corporations."

The Chinese embassy denies those claims.

On June 1, the prime minister's national security and intelligence adviser, Jody Thomas, testified on the alleged stations while speaking before the standing committee on Procedure and House Affairs (PROC).

"You're the national security adviser. How many of these police stations are still operating in Canada? Can you tell us?" asked Conservative MP Blaine Calkins.

"There [are] continual investigations by the RCMP into the police stations," said Thomas. "We are aware of two in Montreal, and work is being done to ensure they cease operating."

"The government claimed that it shut down all these police stations. Now we know there are two in operation and that [Ottawa] has given taxpayer monies to fund them," Poilievre said in the Commons on June 1.

According to the SFCGM's financial records, Ottawa sent the charity $200,128 in taxpayer funds from 2020 thru 2022 via the Canada Summer Jobs and New Horizons for Seniors programs.

Montreal's Centre Sino-Québec de la Rive-Sud received over $105,000 through six Canada Summer Jobs grants between 2016 and 2022. They also received about $53,000 from New Horizons for Seniors.

Both said they cooperated with the RCMP's investigation, and no police action has been taken against them.

Poilievre asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau how many Chinese 'police stations' operate on Canadian soil. Trudeau dodged the question, as is characteristic of the polarizing figure.

"If the leader of the Official Opposition continues to have questions like many Canadians do on foreign interference, I would suggest he takes up our security agencies on the offer they have made to him of getting briefed on all the intelligence related to foreign interference," replied the prime minister.

He accused his Conservative counterpart of "hiding behind a veil of ignorance."

"The prime minister can brief all Canadians right now," countered Poilievre. "These are police stations that exist to harass and intimidate Canadian citizens on Canadian soil. No real country would allow a foreign dictatorship to run police stations on its soil."

In April, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino informed MPs the federal police service took 'decisive action' to close the alleged stations.

"The tools used by the RCMP to shut down the police stations, reduce their impact, reduce their credibility, is different in every situation, in every scenario," added Thomas. "There would be value in our ability to arrest people for them, and those investigations are underway by the RCMP."

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