Thursday, December 8, 2022

Trudeau pretends, acting as though he's surprised that Canada's security is being operated from Beijing

Dec 8 2022

Trudeau continues to pretend its all a surprise Canada's security is vulnerable to China; sadly this is since being 'elected' [we have questions about that] as Canadian Prime Minister.

When this question came up in Parliament today, Trudeau vacated his seat & walked out! 

He knew there were going to be two questions. One about ramming through gun laws against Canadians wellbeing and culture, and the bigger question, why doesn't he act against the Communist Chinese, setting up residence and spying against Canada. 

He gets away with that by saying he is "dealing with it" and "action is being done". Same old, same old...

Trudeau is cognizant of everything going on regarding Communist China's influence>could it be because he is assisting in destroying Canada.

Ok so the question remains, why is he acting on behalf of Communist China?

RCMP contract awarded to company with ties to the Communist Chinese government, feds to go over"process."

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