Sunday, May 8, 2022

After Rescue Saves 29 Golden Retrievers from Meat Trade, It Finds 26 More Left at Farm to Starve

Last week, China Rescue Dogs worked with Shanghai Animal Rescue to save dozens of golden retrievers and corgis from a breeding operation near Harbin, China.

“The living conditions at this dog breed farm are just awful,” Jill Stewart, president and founder of China Rescue Dogs, told People.

“It is heartbreaking that this breeder was going to just discard their entire inventory of dogs to be slaughtered,” she said. “We had to do something. Doing nothing was not an option.”

The group was able to remove 29 adult golden retrievers and their puppies by Sunday, and they and several other rescues are working on getting the remaining dogs out of the farm.

“Small army in China,” the China Rescue Dogs page shared on Sunday. “Many thanks to Shanghai Animal Rescue, volunteers near breeding farm, our vets, our agents, care givers in foster care.

“29 Golden’s and babies arrived safely today near our facility. Mom’s and their babies, other golden’s needing emergency vet care now at our facility.

“Our plan is to remove the additional 26 Golden’s very soon. Our facility is now full. Also, CRD will be helping Shanghai Animal Rescue with the Corgi’s.

“Our immediate need: please consider donating, share this story. If Shanghai Animal Rescue didn’t use their ‘own’ personal money to save all the dogs, and CRD to support this effort all dogs would have been slaughtered. Please consider making a donation today to help with these survivor’s continued care.”

The rescued dogs are now receiving proper care and resting up for the next leg of their journey — but there are still more stuck at the breeding farm, in horrible conditions.

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In an urgent update the group posted on Wednesday, the group revealed that the remaining dogs’ conditions are even direr than they were at first.

“Our rescue partners, Shanghai Animal Rescue can no longer help with the 26 golden’s as Shanghai is still on lockdown,” the post read.

“They once again asked us for help. These golden’s are in desperate need of rescue. We have gotten word that the owner of the breed farm has walked away leaving all 26 golden’s trapped in cages to starve. If we don’t save them they will either starve to death or be slaughtered.

“The costs for Foster Care for 26 golden’s for 3 months is 133,100 RMB… Which is $17,115.00 USD. We would also need to add another $10,000 USD for vet costs for all the dogs. We are looking at between $27,000-$30,000 USD for 26 dogs. We desperately need your support towards this very large rescue mission in order to save their lives.”

China Rescue Dogs has rescued many dogs in its history. Hopefully, it will be able to pull this one off, too.

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