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Canada Announces Plan To Merge With Communist China Social Credit Score .


Canada Announces Plan To Merge With Communist China Social Credit Score .


The Canadian government declared businesses must prepare to merge with Communist China’s corporate model using its Orwellian social credit score system.

The government of Canada has issued guidance in April 2020 for businesses to prepare to adapt to China’s Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS), an offshoot of its social credit score program for individuals.

The government website explains:

China developed the Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS) to ensure corporate compliance and improve behaviour of companies doing business in China. It is part of the People’s Republic of China’s plan to build a single, standardized reputation system for local and foreign firms alike.

The system touches on virtually all aspects of a company’s business operations in China.  It assesses the performance and demeanor of companies, by analyzing topic-specific ratings (e.g. tax, customs and environmental protection) and compliance records (e.g. on anti-monopoly cases, data transfers, pricing and licenses).

The automated system collects data, processes and rates it against the defined requirements. Based on their rating, Chinese authorities will reward businesses with “good” and sanction those with “bad” behaviour.

The guidance states that Canadian businesses will be measured in accordance with China’s CSCS, which will include tracking of all of its activities in the communist country.

“Every company should expect the CSCS to track all of their activities and operations in China. Businesses will face intensified scrutiny of their day-to-day operations once China fully implements the system,” the website notes.

Canadian companies will also receive rewards or face punitive action depending on how they uphold the standards dictated by China.

Business could face not just fees and audits for failing to meet China’s corporate standards, but also “public blaming and shaming” and being blacklisted from the communist nation:

In contrast, if the Canadian companies acquiesce to China’s standards, they could receive lower tax rates and expedited processing through Chinese customs.

The government admits that following China’s CSCS system will be “challenging” for companies due to the country’s strict top-down social credit score infrastructure that even relies on third parties to determine the behavior of a corporation.

Complying with the system’s regulatory requirements will be challenging for companies. This is mainly due to the strictness, comprehensiveness, intricacy and crosscutting interdependence of the ratings. The self-enforcing nature of the CSCS will also create strategic challenges,” the guidance states.

“For example, the system makes firms accountable to the behaviour of business partners along the supply chain.  This will expose them to risk of non-compliance due to actions of third parties. This might be challenging for SMEs that lack a robust corporate compliance infrastructure.”

In other words, Canadian companies’ burdens aren’t just to create quality products or services, but doing so under the strict regulations of the Chinese Communist Party.

Such a draconian move by Canada is unsurprising given its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised Communist China for its top-down dictatorial model.

In 2013, Trudeau said: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, ‘We need to go green…we need to start investing in solar.’”

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Justin Trudeau praised dictatorship and Communist China. China seems to have its hands in the pockets of politicians worldwide, and they continue to make strategic moves globally that put the entire world’s future at risk.

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