Tuesday, January 28, 2020

And that was 2015: China asks people not to eat rats, bats and snakes


China asks people not to eat rats, bats and snakes

In the Chinese New Year, Chinese people use such foods to 'surprise'.
Snakes or rats are common in Canton province.

From Efe Agency

Foods made with rats are common in China (Photo: Reuters)Foods made with rats are
common in China (Photo: Reuters)
Within days of Chinese citizens gathering to celebrate the local New Year, the Chinese government launched a campaign to prevent the spread of viruses caused by eating "rare" foods, such as rats, snakes and bats.
The body responsible for food security asked citizens not to eat "wild animals" and, above all, not to innovate, as in some parts of the country it is common for the Chinese to try to surprise this date with recipes made from "unusual" animals.
In the southern province of Canton, the Chinese taste snakes or rats, so the government has asked that at least children and pregnant women not taste "rare dishes".
The authorities announced the beginning of inspections across the country to try to reduce the diseases caused by eating this type of food during the New Year festival, called in China "Spring Festival", which will be held on February 19.
At this party, Chinese citizens celebrate the passage of the year from horse to sheep, according to the Chinese horoscope

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