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Oct  23 2019
As of Wednesday night, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews who is in Beijing has committed the greatest act of treason since Malcolm Fraser gave the green light to multiracial Australia.
What was formerly a memorandum of understanding between the Victorian government and China signed in 2018 is now a done deal — he has inked Victoria up to China’s One Belt, One Road. Not only has he done this incredibly treasonous thing, but he is also urging other state governments to follow suit. Worse yet, he claimed it’s “in the national interest” and was “the right thing to do.”
Allegedly, the deal means deeper cooperation between Red China and Victoria over things like infrastructure, trade development, and absurdly, “aged care”. All of that is gobbledygook since Tony Abbott and his traitor pal Andrew Robb — the architect of the disastrous China Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) had already done that.
What it means is that, as capitalism dies and the political elites are at a loss as to how to deal with it, Andrews has plunged Victoria head-first into Chinese domination. Is he such a catastrophic armchair economist that he is of the astounding belief that Chinese capital can help him make Victoria a big fat golden cow? Or does he, as a card-carrying commie, seriously believe the ghost of Chairman Mao somehow still exhales breath within Xi Jinping’s nationalist China?
Since when did state governments borrow money off foreign nations? Usually, they sell off key assets like power, ports, you name it. That’s bad enough but this is a hanging offence. Andrews is inviting the very national threat that our security services are shitting bricks over right smack into our country. No doubt he is giving their navy access to Melbourne Port in the process.
The other mob of traitors, the federal government, have grown increasingly leery at least about being seen to be endangering the ‘traditional alliance’ we have with the United States. But Andrews is clear in his determination to bring Australia into China’s orbit as a willing satellite and that is unspeakable on so many levels.
In one fell swoop, he has compromised national security and threatened the regional stability with his choice. How is Australia now supposed to try and tempt Pacific neighbours away from Chinese baksheesh when what is Australia’s second-most populace state hands them a strategic position right inside our borders?!
It’s bothersome enough that the Solomon Islands has given us a big fuck you, despite all we’ve done to stabilise that rotten little pimple in the Pacific Ocean. By promising to China a naval vicinity within our reach they’ve maddeningly complicated hypotheticals, yet that pales next to Andrews’ actions.
“Why does he believe this is in our national interest? Why does he believe it’s in Victoria’s interest?” Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton told Canberra reporters.
“It’s a decision that’s been made by Mr Andrews, so he can justify the decision. I haven’t heard the rationale or the reasoning behind what seemed to be a pretty rushed decision.”
“We’d always hope that the federal government would have a similar approach to us, to work closely with China for the benefit of Victorian workers, and I note the Prime Minister has had some meetings with very senior Chinese officials in the last couple of days,” the traitor Daniel
Andrews said.
“I think most Australians would say that was good. We need a strong partnership. Victoria has one and we could hope that every state and territory and indeed the Commonwealth would have a strong partnership and a friendship with China.”
After all we know about Chinese incursions into our Group of Eight Universities; after all we know about Chinese espionage and cyber hacking; after China brazenly sailed their warships into Sydney Harbour in a flagrant gesture of intimidation we get this putz of a man who’s never worked a day in his life blathering about Victorian workers as an excuse to put our national neck on the block. 
Anyone doing business with China understands the only ones getting work are the Chinese. Everyone else will work FOR the Chinese. They’ve shot presidents for less than this.
We will have much more to say on this matter, and encourage Victorian nationalists to start planning protests and acts of civil disobedience NOW. This minute. This second. Hurry!!!

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