Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Trouble in ChinadaLand: Trudeau does a Trudeau and Canada has to pay!

 Trouble in ChinadaLand
May 29 2019
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Oil and Gas off to whose markets one asks! 

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Nutty Notley

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Guess who buys it then....you're right! The plan all along...

...This is what he said

...Ha Ha Ha

Shock and Awe/buying Kinder Morgan Pipeline with taxpayers money...a huge white elephant with no real change in sight and a very angry native group ready to fight to the death with all means at their disposal. I'm with Horgan and our native peoples who haven't been given any media time with all their very real concerns, in fact they have been censored and the MSM has skewed the truth in favour of the oil company and Nutty Notley, Premiere of Alberta. 
This decision will make or break the Liberals in the next federal election in 2019.........Meanwhile China is waiting in the wings rubbing their grubby little hands knowing that if its not nationalized they will get a real chance to buy it, another Canadian conquest, top real estate without a fight, WhooHoo...imagine that... I do! 
There are no jobs in the future around this white elephant no matter what drivel they say...its all short term, despite all the rhetoric Trudeau and the Liberals tell you. Canada is broke under Trudeau and in no way in a position to use tax payers money [our hard earned money] to leverage this white elephant. 
Does Canada need an even bigger government, a bigger bureaucracy with more inefficient, inept and over-paid public servants. NO! Not Another Crown Corporation..NO WAY JOSE, Canada is done with these Liberals.

Canada has a rouge prime Minister who believes he can do and can say whatever he likes and ignores the safety and security of Canada's peoples...vis a vis his favoritism with China

 Bye The Way... "Getting the oil  to GLOBAL MARKETS" is, wait for it...code for Communist China..yes its all about China [Trudeau's best buds] and the FIPPA. You remeber the FIPPA; that agreement where China can sue Canada for a period of 14 years. Yup 14 years if they dont get their oil on time and on task even with political delays, such as this nonsense. What a bad deal that was in the first place, shame on Harper too!

CBC is reporting that "Kinder Morgan's $6.8-billion, 1,150-kilometre Trans Mountain pipeline will move a mix of oil products from Edmonton to a terminal in Burnaby, B.C., near Vancouver, where it will be exported to markets in China." Just to be clear, twinning the existing pipeline for tar sands oil is not for domestic consumption. Which reaffirms that the second recent spike in the price of gas at the pumps in Vancouver is fraudulent.

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