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The official microblogging of the U.S. embassy links the CCP with the rogue regime

The official microblogging of the U.S. embassy links the CCP with the rogue regime

The official microblogging page of the U.S. embassy in China juxtaposed the CCP with the rogue regime on the 2nd post. (Taken from the official microblogging page of the U.S. Embassy in China at[Size] Tai   Zhong  small
WASHINGTON February 2, 2018 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Guo Rong Yao Taipei) US Embassy Chinese Embassy 2 official microblogging issued a document, the contents directly to the CPC with a variety of rogue regimes and terrorist groups side by side, triggering hot .
The official microblogging post quoted the passage of the State of the Union Address by U.S. President Trump: "We face various rogue regimes, terrorist groups and opponents of China, Russia and other countries that challenge our own interests, our economy and our values ​​in different parts of the world. In combating these grave dangers, we realize that weakness necessarily goes to conflicts and that the unparalleled strength of the world is the necessary way to effectively safeguard our great defense. "
At the end of this essay, "Donald Trump" is signed with the publication date of the State of the Union on January 30, 2018. Attached is the Chinese translation of the foreign affairs policy in the State of the Union address.

The Communist Party consists of rogue riffraffs

The newspaper published an editorial series, "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" Chapter <Commentaries on the Communist Chinese what started>, referred to the CPC 's "nine genes", which is the fourth point that is mentioned in the CCP from "rogue riffraff basic team composition 」
US ambassador to China Embassy official microblogging posts 2 May, the CPC and the rogue regimes in parallel. The picture shows the photo, non-parties. (NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFP)
The content states: "The ruffian is the foundation of evil and the evil must be ruined. The communist revolution is a rogue uprising in the ruffian, and the classic" Paris Commune "is purely a murder of social rogue arson and vandalism. Even Marx also looks down upon the rogue proletariat, The Communist Manifesto states that "the rogue proletariat is a negative corrupting part of the lowermost layer of the old society. In some places, they are also involved in the movement by the proletarian revolution. However, because of their entire living conditions, they are more willing To be bought, to do the reactionary reaction. ""
The book also mentions that the Chinese Communist Party developed Marxism from the evil side. The former CPC leader Mao Zedong once said: "The most ruthless, most thorough and resolute . "Rogue proletarians bolstered the CCP's violence and established the early rural Soviet power. At the Cultural Revolution, discussing rogue proletarians, the Communists did not consider it as "rogue" and therefore abbreviated as "proletarian".
The photo shows the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the publication of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" held by all walks of life in Hong Kong in 2014. (Pan Zaishu / Epoch Times)
The article also said that another manifestation of "ruffian" was "playing a rogue" and was called a tyranny when he put on a bully. Mao Tse-tung wrote in his article "On People's Democratic Dictatorship" in June 1949: "You are right, sir, gentlemen, and we are just that. All the experience accumulated by the Chinese people over the past few decades calls us Carry out the people's democratic dictatorship, or say people's democratic dictatorship. " The above passage puts the phrase "playing rogue" incisively and vividly. 

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