Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jesuits/Heroin Control/Sicily/China

I wonder if David Ciancimino, S.J this Jesuit is related to Vito Ciancimino?? 
This is highly likely and you’ll note that Sicily is the headquarters for the Heroin trade in the West and its all controlled by the Sicilian Mafiosi commanded by the Holy Roman Emperor, King Juan Carlos who controls Sicily through his House of Bourbon and Farnese bloodline power all for the Superior General at the Curia Generalizia which the Emperor protects with his Centro Nacional de Inteligencia. Remember the importance of the heroin trade to the power, control and system of the Knights of Malta through their commanding proxy of New Jerusalem based in the City of London covertly controlled from St John’s Wood, England by the Grand Priory of England headed currently by Grand Prior, Frederik Crichton-Stuart. The heroin trade was started by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries who bought about the best quality poppies for the job at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in London which is now under UNESCO. These poppies were then shipped out to India then transported out to attack China and no different to whats happening in the Western World today as we enter the Post Industrial Zero Growth Society. Make note of one of the old medics that worked for the British East India Company and his name was Jardine Matheson. Now note who controls Jardine Matheson Holdings and you’ll see its the powerful Scottish family called the House of Keswick. Now anyone who’s done any study on the drug trade by the Crown Maltese will know the power of the Hong Kong region dealing with the Heroin coming out of the Golden Crescent which the Central Intelligence Agency took control over during the front Vietnamese war. Hong Kong is critial to the drug trade and one of the most powerful banks in the World connected to it all and riddled with drug currency cleaning is of course HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation which is controlled by the House of Keswick.

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