Sunday, September 29, 2013

sent to me from another blog Concerning The Chinese taking over Canada

Chinese Gold Mining

Postby Gary Oak » Fri Sep 27, 2013 8:43 pm

Now have Chinese changed ? I find it impossible to believe that our Canadian ancestors were simply racists and evil. Especially when we deliberately tried to lure non white immigrants from other nations including Chinese yet they did end up putting a head tax on the Chinese. From what I have heard the FAN QING FU MING Chinese were using similar tactics in the 1800's. We never put any head taxes on other people. OUr first governor Douglas actively tried to lure free blacks from the USA and about 800 came hopiung that they would fight the Americans if they tried to take British Columbia as they had Oregon. I have a thread on FAN QING FU MING which covers that topic quite nicely. If we were afraid of the Americans swamping British Columbia with their population and then assuming it was now the USA then why is it racist to say the Chinese were trying to when they themselves know that they were trying to. It is obvious that Chinese want to take us over, don't like us and resent that they are not ruling this country. I do suspect though that the Chinese know that if everybody knew about their oaths and rituals [ FAN QING FU MING ] there might be another head tax.

Chinese do have a very successful track record of taking over corrupt nations. I do believe that they will take over these nations but Africans are not so mind numbed by political correctness and I do predict anti Chinese riots in the near future there.

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