Friday, December 18, 2015

Mistress jailed for life after hacking lover's wife and grandson to death with garden shears

A vengeful mistress who hacked her lover's wife and grandson to death with a pair of garden shears has been jailed for life.
The Chinese woman murdered the four-year-old boy as he slept - a crime the judge condemned as 'horrendous' and 'unbelievable'.
Behind the sweet smile of Cai Xia Liao is a mistress-turned-monster.
She was so consumed by romantic rage that she went to the home of her lover, Brian Mach and drugged, bound and gagged him.
Cai Xia Liao. Photo: AAP
Cai Xia Liao in court. Photo: 7 News
She took a pair of garden shears and, in a frenzy, attacked Brian's four-year-old grandson, Alastair, as he tried to defend himself in his bed.
Liao lay in wait until her lover's wife, Mai Mach, returned home and attacked her with the same weapon.
Brian Mach, his wife and their grandson before the shocking crime. Photo: 7 News
Supreme Court Justice Lex Lasry said: “You then went back into the lounge room and showed Brian Mach the garden shears and told him, quote, ‘I used these’.

“I've killed everyone to make you suffer.”
Liao, 45, was furious that, despite their three-year affair, Brian had repeatedly refused to end his marriage.
Justice Lasry added: “To me, your conduct is almost unbelievable.
“Your actions in relation to the child were extreme, grave and callous.”
As despicable as this crime was, it could have been worse.
Brian Mach has since been cast out by his family. Photo: 7 News
Liao told her lover she also planned to murder Alastair's mum when she came to collect him.
But she was stopped because the neighbour's children heard Mrs Mach being killed and called the police.
Amy Mach outside court in Melbourne. Photo: 7 News
Mr Mach's grandson was killed in the horrific crime. Photo: 7 News
Amy Mach has been left to somehow cope with the loss of her son and her mother.
Her unfaithful father has been cast out of the family.
Justice Lasry said Liao's horrendous crimes warranted a life sentence.
If she survives her 32-year minimum term she will be immediately deported to China upon release.