Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mugshots: Baby Mice Eaten [A delicacy]

Hungry for mice? Baby mice eaten Alive as Chinese Delicacy

26/11/2015, 18:18:00 - Source:
  • Footage showed newborn rodents next to broth and being dipped in sauce
  • Separate, unrelated video also shows a man actually eating the baby mice
  • Dish is called San Zhi Er, or three squeaks, and is from Guangdong, China
A shocking video of newborn mice being prepared for the dinner table has recently emerged online.
The footage is believed to have been shot at a restaurant in Guangdong, south China.It shows a little known speciality in the area called 'San Zhi Er', or three squeaks, where the baby rodents are eaten alive with a plate of sauce.The dish is basically a plate of live newborn mice served with a plate of sauce.Gruesome: Footage showed baby mice (above) being picked up from a plate and dipped into a bowl of sauce
It has been given the gruesome name of three squeaks because the mice squeaks when it gets picked up by the diner, again when it gets dipped into the sauce and finally as it dies.
Although the dish is not widely known, it has been reported as far back as 1949.
The video, a composite of two separate footages, showed the mice next to a pot of broth in one shot and being dipped into a plate of sauce in the other.
A separate footage of a man actually eating the mice has also recently emerged in China.
The man was seen with a plate of the baby rodents in front of him.
Delicacy? The dish is called San Zhi Er, or three squeaks, and is said to be a delicacy in Guangdong, China
After smothering the still-wriggling creatures in a brown sauce, he proceeds to put one in his mouth and appears to chew.
It's not clear where or when the footage was filmed but it has been viewed more than 7.4 million times since appearing on Chinese video network Miaopai on November 5
Many people who watched the video said they felt disgusted by the footage.
However, a few people said they had tried the delicacy and that it was 'delicious'.
A small number of people have also expressed that they would be interested in trying the dish.

Cooked or raw? Part of the video showed a plate of wriggling live mice next to a pot of broth (pictured above)
chu bao trung 
chu bao trung 
The man shows off the mice... ... before he pops it into his mouth