Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ancient Uyghur Peoples, original Aryans spread across Asia and Europe

70,0000 years ago the archaeological, anthropological, genetic and geological records show there existed an advanced civilization [The Aryans] before the great flood- these peoples are today known as the Uyghurs of Tibet. Today's Han Chinese [The Chinese government]are very jealous of this fact and want the Uyghurs destroyed so a planned "democide" exists for that purpose. All this under the title of the modern term [politically correct term] terrorism. Educated experts in this field of research understand Communist China's attempts and are trying to bring to the attention of the world what really is happening to this root race, the Uyghurs of Tibet- our Western Civilization's origins in effect, long before the ancient Egyptian's.
Continued research was conducted by James Churchward and today by his son Jack who is living today, whom I have had the pleasure to be in communication with today.
Look up James Churchward's work on the lost continent of Lemuria/Mu.