Saturday, March 25, 2017

Nothing says middle class like Trudeau’s $127K tropical vacation

March 22, 2017

Nothing says middle class like Trudope's $127K tropical vacation


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How great a vacation could you get for $127,000? That is the cost, so far, that taxpayers forked over for Justin Trudeau to spend his New Year's vacation on the private island of his billionaire friend the Aga Khan.
He also spent a ton on food and drink just on the flights.
 commented 17 hours ago
I’m sure Trudeau is on holiday with the Aga Khan doing the math as to how to squeeze us for more money that can be diverted to the Muslim Brotherhood. And somebody asked why does Trudeau need so much security? I thought the answer was obvious, it’s to protect him against Rogue, Middle Class Canadians, that would surely enjoy kicking his traitorous ass around an island. I had my last vacation six years ago after not having one for twenty years. Justine “Moneybags” Trudeau, the new Fidel Castro will spend us into bankruptcy without blinking an eye. He makes the law like his favorite dictator and will oppress us just the same. I see hard times for Canada in the near future.
 commented 2 days ago
I imagine the Canadian taxpayers would rather pay the amount that Trudeau is willing to pay! Absolutely terrible that Trudeau can take so many Holiday in a year (10) at the expense of Canadian taxpayers! No other PM, abused the office, as much as Trudeau has done! I wish someone one would take away his Canada Visa card!
 commented 2 days ago
Anyone that constantly brags that he’s a feminist, isn’t a real man in my books! This fluff head is just the head of the globalist snake. He is a traitor and hopefully he will reap the rewards of what he’s sowing sooner rather than later.