Thursday, September 29, 2016

Who Controls Canada?

Ive called this card for years....more than 18 years to be exact, my father, one of 7 Canadian [Masonic] businessmen selected by her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, to act as quasi diplomats for the purpose of opening up "The Pacific Rim"...a 7 year mission from 1960 on-based in London by her majesty, but operated out of Belfast/Harland and Wolff, shipbuilders. I come by this information by assimilation I guess.
Most people are asleep on the topic. All the news is about the Middle East as a media deception when the real stories revolve about the elephant at the table, the worst nation concerning human rights on the planet. They are going to be the global policemen in years to come, being prepared to be the enforcers of a OWO [One World Order] in my view. Canada and the US are considered theirs for the taking now. They have operatives working for them in these 2 countries. Some of these operatives are political or have political clout.
It started in Canada with Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his Chinese friends including Mao, [his all time hero, the murder of millions!]. This baton was passed onto successive PM's in the ensuing years. The most famous case being John Chretien, during his Project Sidewinder Scandal....and his close Chinese Triad/PLA friends, including Li Ka-Shing. Look into the RCMP CSIS report called The Sidewinder Report and see how it was censored by Chretien.
Boy Trudeau, Justin, is PM today and up to the same tricks as his father....selling Canada out to the Chinese. He is known as " little potato" [sarcasm] in Mandarin...which sounds like, PooDeau. This boy is destroying Canada and cant do enough for his friends the Chinese. He is pushing for an oil and gas deal with the local native bands and some offshore companies...[ahem/Chinese controlled.]
Canada has become defacto theirs to bully and like the fasicts they are, demand they get their oil and gas to market; they can now sue Canada because of the recent Harper agreement, signed a few years ago [in secret without discussion in parliament] .
The Ones calling the shots in secret for our political leaders is a family in Montreal, the real centre of power [Jesuit power] in Canada and ironically called "Power Corporation", the Demarais family. They have always rfemained the true leaders of C anafa and rfemain hidden behind the scenes, having formed the Canada/ China Trade Council. Look this group up and see just how much control the Chinese really do have in Canada.