Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mystery Meat On A Stick

Mystery Meat On A Stick

Food in China continues to be an experience I will never forget! We have always enjoyed tasting new food and coming to China we have dared to be maybe just a little bit more adventurous in our selections than normal (frog, silkworms, chicken feet, black fungus and dog to name a few)
In Dalian this weekend, we had some new foods to consider…
Snakes, starfish, worms and bugs of sorts on a stick! Also the familiar favorites of squid, chicken and cartilage, crabs, prawns, and assorted seafood, rice, noodle and seaweed concoctions. Thankfully this time around we had eaten and it was fun just to look at the various street vendors’ selections. I think this Food Festival was part of the International Beer Festival that happens in Asian cities in the summer, because there was so much street food in one place. Even though it was a drizzly evening there was lots of people hanging around to enjoy it!
We weren’t very daring tonight, although looking back I probably should have tried the snake because those of you who know me well, know I HATE snakes! It would have made for a good blog though…