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Globalization Is Fascism

Globalization Is Fascism
September 1, 2007 
by John Hoefle

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Globalization is a euphemism for the replacement of nation-states by imperial financier-run corporate cartels.
The British East Company, which made vast profits from human misery, is the model for the global financial and political system the Anglo-Dutch imperial financiers have planned as the replacement for our current, dying system. Globalization is not the vanguard of economic progress its proponents claim it to be, but the culmination of a long-standing project to defeat the American System of Political Economy and put the genie of freedom back in its bottle.
Today, we are inundated with propaganda about the benefits of the "free market," in which "the markets" are somehow wiser than the citizenry. In fact, there is little that is free about this "free market," which is dominated by powerful global financial interests who use their financial power and inside information to manipulate the system to their advantage. In their hands, globalization is not "freedom," but a deadly weapon.
The financiers attempted to ram through their imperial scheme under the guise of the various fascist movements in the 1920s and '30s, using the Nazis in Germany, the Synarchists in France, the Fabians in the Britain, the Mussolini corporatists in Italy, and the America First crowd in the U.S., among others. This drive failed, when Hitler turned on his masters and attacked Europe instead of Russia, leading to the defeat of both himself and Mussolini, along with widespread destruction in Europe. This, combined with the defeat of a fascist plot inside the U.S. to overthrow President Franklin Roosevelt, caused the oligarchy to regroup and prepare the ground for another attempt. What we know today as globalization, is the cornerstone of their new attempt at global domination.
It had a different name when Lehman Brothers senior banker George W. Ball laid out the plan for a "world company" project, at the 1968 Bilderberger meeting. The purpose of the world company project, Ball explained at a series of conferences, was to replace the "archaic" nation-state with global corporate cartels capable of operating across borders without interference from nations. That this project was modelled on the British East India Company was made explicit by Atlanticist and diplomat Eugene Rostow at a conference held in 1974 at the American Assembly. "The true ancestors of the modern multinational companies ... [are] the great trading companies of the 17th and 18th centuries" Rostow said, naming "the East India Company, the Hudson Bay Company," and others. "Many of these companies undertook to govern as well as to trade," he added.
The explicitly Malthusian nature of the project was made clear at the same conference by a number of speakers. Ball warned that without the "maximal efficiency" of corporate overlords, "a Malthusian debacle on a global scale" would ensue. IBM's Jacques Maisonrouge was even more dramatic, invoking the specter of "pandemic inflation, skyrocketting oil prices, scarcities of raw materials, disequilibrium in international payments, poor harvests, rising unemployment, high interest rates, growing fears of a global depression" as proof that "political solutions do not work," and that corporate control was required to avoid this fate.
These latter-day followers of Adam Smith and Thomas Malthus—both of whom were propagandists for the British East India Company and British Empire—were, like the globalization pushers of today, lying in the service of the empire. The American Assembly, for example, has pushed both eugenics and globalization, and is now running a "next generation" project to restructure the World Bank, IMF, and United Nations along more explicitly imperial lines.
The world they are seeking, is actually the world they are telling us is inevitable unless we capitulate to their demands. Knowing that growing world populations are a threat to their control of the world, they seek to impose control over nations, to impose austerity and shortages, combined with higher prices, along with more direct measures such as plagues, famine, and wars, to cut global population significantly, starting with the darker-skinned peoples. Globalization is not just fascism, it is also genocide.
The intent of these imperialists is to make every nation dependent upon their world company apparatus for a significant portion of the necessities of life. This is why the corporations have stripped the U.S. of its manufacturing capacity and have decimated our family farmers; why retailers like Wal-Mart were designed to run small and medium-sized operations out of business; why at every turn the U.S. is weakened economically. Except, of course, for finance, where we are assured that the bubble will be our salvation. That, too, is another illusion, fed to us by people who think we are too stupid to see through their lies, and too cowardly to challenge them.