Friday, July 1, 2016

Why certain kinds of cyberattacks come from certain places

Why certain kinds of Chinese cyberattacks come from certain places

    In the army now
    China is more famous for its government-sponsored cyberattacks. "The Chinese government in particular has been known to engage in cyber-espionage for years," says Curt Wilson, senior threat intelligence analyst at Arbor Networks. "Threat activity in the name of national interests and in defense against perceived threats takes many forms, and it has been speculated that various patriotic hackers may also be engaged in such operations against other nation-states."
    Ryan Trost, CTO of ThreatQuotient, points in particular to APT-1, a hacker group linked to the People's Liberation Army. "China is our go-to scapegoat for nearly every breach until proven otherwise by hired incident response teams," says Trost.