Monday, July 18, 2016

Mammoth blade-wielding ‘God of War’ statue unveiled in China

Mammoth blade-wielding ‘God of War’ statue unveiled in China 

The statie stand on a 10 metre tall platform design to look like a warship. © itistist
China have redefined the concept of ‘statue’ and put Lady Liberty to shame with the unveiling of a colossal 1,320-ton, 58-meter-high statue of legendary general and “God of War” Guan Yu.
The intimidating statue stands in the city of Jingzhou in Hubei province – and you would be well advised not to pick a fight with it.
Along with fooling aliens into thinking we’re a world full of warrior giants, the statue is also home to an 8,000-square-meter Guan Yu museum, according to CCTV News.
The general fought to end the reign of the Han dynasty and establish the Shu Han state before he died in 220 CE. In the sixth century he was deified, earning him the very cool title of “God of War”.
He must have been a popular guy, because he has already been immortalized in several statues around the world including in Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam. Surprisingly the latest statue isn’t actually the biggest - that honor goes to his hometown of Changping in the Shanxi province, where Guan Yu dominates the town from a height of 61 meters.
Jingzhou’s statue may be smaller but it boasts an impressive mid-action pose that shows Guan Yu in full fighting mode. Standing in a sweeping motion with his signature weapon the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, he looks ready to attack.

Made by gluing over 4,000 bronze strips over the statue standing on a 10-meter-tall pedestal modeled as an ancient warship, Guan Yu wears a terrifying expression sure to scare off any low flying airplanes.

The statue was designed by Han Melin, who also designed the 2008 Beijing Olympics mascots, whom we don’t think would last too long in a fight against Guan Yu.
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[Looks like it was designed  to look like a comic book character]...