Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shanghai issues etiquette guide -Disneyland

Shanghai issues etiquette guide 

to remind visitors of six things they 

shouldn't do at Disneyland

After this month's May Day fiasco when tens of thousands of tourists descended on Shanghai Disneyland andtrashed the place, even before it actually opened, Shanghai officials have decided it might be a good time to issue some helpful guidelines for tourists.
The etiquette guide warns visitors against littering, defacing public facilities, harming plants and trees, lying down in the grass, cutting in line and general uncivilized behavior, Xinhua reports.
Published over the weekend by our fair city's tourism bureau and civilization office, the six suggestions do not specifically address, using the landscaping as a toilet.
And using the lampposts to tell people that you have been here:
While it doesn't officially open its doors to the masses until June 16th, Shanghai Disneyland has already been visited by around 1 million people. Though there are still some kinks to work out, tickets have already been sold out for the first two weeks.

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