Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Small Dead Animals-More Pavilions At Folkfest-Multiculturalism Doesn't Work

Small Dead Animals-More Pavilions At Folkfest

Via email;
Thought you'd find this 2 page real estate brochure interesting. It was delivered to our door today in the Point Grey neighbourhood of
Vancouver. [...]
Went for a 12 block walk the other day. Conservatively, at least 15-20 new houses at different stages of completion. All Chinese realtors and ALL the construction people I saw were Chinese.
Chicom_pg1.jpg Chicom_pg2.jpg


ALL the construction people I saw were Chinese.
What do the inspectors look like?
Its why Vancouver is now known a Hongcover.
A slow takeover by population from those who hate children, with a penchant for abortion..
Its not the Chinese fault. Its ours for not having children.
Its why Indians don't own land any more, they never developed it.
If you become Staist, without replacing your population. This is inevitable.
Something the Japanese will learn the hard way in 50 years.
Children in a real way our our true growth engines.
There should be NO foreign ownership of real estate, PERIOD!
I agree, but how do you know these people are foreign?
as per usual, and useless incoheRant rant, it's known as singh-couver, you don't have 20 children if you only have time and $$$$ for 2 or 3, Indians never owned land and neither does anyone else since Turd-oh effed things up, and why bring the Japankneez into 'r rant????

about the only sensible thing U said is about children

Edward, nobody owns land (real estate) in kanada 'cept the government!!!!
The more the merrier.
A friend of mine was having difficulty finding an apartment. A Chinese friend of his pointed out an advert for an apartment to rent- in Chinese.
Greed and tribalism are a part of the "multicultural mosaic".
Talk about incoherence, heh.
Look, if you're living in point grey and reading SDA you're accustomed to being a persecuted minority already. Sell and move 20k inland and you'll have ocean front after the next big shaker.
Good entertaining rant, but the poor English makes it hard to follow. I apologize if English isn't your primary language.
It's a lovely country, there are precious few better places to live in all the world. As long as we let them, they are not to be blamed for coming here.
I'm not for exploiting our resources (including the vast space) just for the sake of it, and I don't feel like there's a shortage of people, but history shows that ultimately if we don't have enough of us to fight to hold our territory, we won't hold it. I'd rather we grew our own people, but failing that, we can try to recruit the right sort of immigrants and hope we assimilate them more than they do us, or we lose our culture and our country by default.
Here we have neighborhoods being bought up by Iranians and Chinese - they don't want to live aound white people...
Not at all sure what the point is. The realtors are Chinese? Chinese-Canadian? Canadian and of Chinese heritage? My kids are Chinese, will that be a problem for anyone? As for "them" out-breeding us whites, and aside from the incredibly racist tone that statement has, the Chinese and other Asian immigrants are much more like us than you'd think. I though we wanted hard working, family oriented, small "c" conservative immigrants? Or only if they're white and Christian?
With over 1 million millionaires in China and >150 billionaires in mainland China and Hong Kong combined, little wonder they're looking for (and apparently finding) less populated environs.
Yes it's about culture alright. But what culture anyway? From where I'm sitting it look like gay pride, free health care, gun prohibition, pedophiles, narcotics and a huge pubic sector.
We've been calling it Hongcouver, VanKonger, Wangcouver, for decades, for obvious reasons.
And Richmond has REALLY changed, it used to be a Japanese influenced place, now, well, Mandarin or nothing.
And, despite the ongoing stream of incomers, taking their yuan and buying Canadian property (at seemingly any price), Jim Flaherty hates real estate, and is doing everything he can to shut down the industry, throwing thousands out of work. He's been partially successful, but I can't understand why a conservative government is so anti-business.
The problem here is not Chinese out breeding "whites".As long as they want to be Canadians. Unlike Islams followers.With its ideology of conquest by sharia law, in the guise of religion. Its the fact That Canadians of most ethnic origins are not having children. That abortion is decimating our culture if not growth economically.Morally its sapping our decency as human beings.
Look at Europe. Immigration is no solution.
I include the Japanese because by mid century they will have half the population they do now. This will decrease the economy, if not attract invasion. What happens to half of the infrastructure built that will now not be habitable? One word comes to mind. Detroit. On a National scale.
Asian culture is not incompatible with Democracy.Nor ideologically impelled to destroy Western culture. The fact is Canadians are killing their own children for convince. You have kids, or lose your Culture. Its that simple.
As for the Chinese. They have been part of Canada since the inception of this Nation. Including a huge death toll with others building a continent spanning railway.
I see no problem with welcoming hard working,success oriented, conservative people from other Countries,China included.
Like "max" says, Vancouver's current problems are NOT the fault of immigrants, but good,home grown Canadian green lunatics.
By 2020 Vancouver will apparently have a majority Chinese/Asian population,which may be the only way we have of replacing the lunatic activist component that has taken over political life in Vancouver.
Bring on the capitalist Chinese to Vancouver,or would you prefer a situation like Winnipeg's North End?
"...they are not to be blamed for coming here."
Amen. Most of us (we know who the exceptions are) would be doing anything we could to get out of shitholes like China to get to a country like Canada.
The Chinese have been great immigrants. They have a fantastic work-ethic, they raise good kids, they are solid contributors to our society, they're not putting bombs in pressure cookers, and per capita they are very under-represented in our prison populations.
But that doesn't mean that we want to be screwed (again) by some silly federal policy that gives immigrants "carte blanche' entry on the unsupportable premise that, (a) they perform work that our citizens won't do, or, (b) have a specialized skill that our labour-market can't provide.
And our MSM and politicians are very, very silent about a disquieting fact: Chinese 'investors' are buying up HUGE chunks of Canadian farmland - and the only fellow making an issue about it is Ian Cumming in Ontario Farmer.
Anybody who knows anything at all about Chinese politics knows damned well that these off-shore purchases are - like computer hacking and IT moles - just more proof that the Beijing Politburo is really in expansion mode.
This week, there has been some sabre-rattling in La Belle Province, but (predictably) the outrage over the Chinese purchases is centered on petty jealously rather than patriotism. If the Chinese offered to buy every Quebec farming operation at inflated prices, I'm pretty sure that the 'ouis' would outnumber the 'nons'!
When I visit Vancouver I stay at a b&b in Kerrisdale. Almost all the houses in the area are owned by Chinese. All the gardeners are white. Back in the eighties when I lived there, the opposite was true. When you visit Pacific Centre Mall or Richmond, you realize that Vancouver is fast becoming an asian city.
Yes there is a lot of wealth and for the most part, the new arrivals are law abiding but there are a couple of issues.
One is that the demographics of the chinese wave has changed. In the eighties and prior, most of the immigrants were from Hong Kong and moved to Canada to settle down for good. The dominant dialect was the loud sing song Cantonese. For the past decade or so the immigrants have come from mainland China who speak the softer Mandarin. A great deal of them move to Vancouver to take advantage of the educational opportunities for their children and the investment opportunities for themselves (which they are largely driving when it comes to real estate). They also maintain business interests and homes in China. So they are not true immigrants but rather colonizers.
My son goes to school in Vancouver and is one of three non asian children in his class. A lot of his mates live in nice homes in Kerrisdale and Vancouver South, but not with their parents but rather with an aunt or uncle while the parents keep a relatively full time presence in China.

Our immigration policy should encourage people who want to make Canada their home and not a place to send their children to nice schools and spend a couple of months a year
Don't call it Hongcouver anymore.
By far of the majority of the new Chinese immigrant are mainland Chinese. Canada is where the wife and/or kid stay. The man stays back in China with the business(es) and mistress(es). Canada is where he goes when the s___ hits the fan in China. It's like insurance.
I don't have a problem with Chinese immigrants and I live here. Canada, especially BC, has benefited from Chinese immigrants since the time of joining with the rest of Canada. (E.G. 6,500 of the 10,000 who pushed CP rail through the Fraser were Chinese).
However, I do think that the owners who are not Canadian should be paying far higher property taxes than everyone else. We have to find ways that drive down demand and thus, the price of home ownership for people who actually live and work in Vancouver. Right now, we are getting the richest slice of China all buying an insurance house here in Van but the rest of us need to live here too.
(I say this as one of the lucky ones. Bought a house in Vancouver in 2000.)
Regardless of whether you think it's racist to point out simple facts or not, you better hope the successor population in your country shares you values and adopts a caring and sympathetic attitude to your sorry white @$$ in your old age, mate.
Being on the capitalist Chinese?
I dunno about that.
I have a sense that in this wave Vancouver is being settled by chicom apparatchiks.
The earlier Hong Kong wave was certainly comprised of capitalists.
Someone once suggested that due to Hong Kong's then tax regime a $10 million nest egg was roughly equivalent to $1 million here in terms of economic effort.
A large percentage of these returned.
And let's dispense with the simplistic notion that people with large sums of money are necessarily capitalists or hard-working.
This is not your grandfather's immigration!
I believe the name of the RE company "New Coast" is significant - a new coast for China.
Delisle SK is shocked!
Those of us who have visited or lived in almost any Csnadian city are well aware of the realities of the situation. And we are also well aware that the crucial decisions were all taken at least 30 years ago.
One thing I will say, is that economically deprived areas are not attractive to Chinese people.
It is just not Vancouver.
Perhaps we should pay more attention or we may end up living a country that doesn't really belong to us.
I repeat from my earlier post. These are not immigrants in the traditional sense, but colonizers. All the treasure will flow back to China.
So,what would you have us do about it? Rise up in a bloody revolution?
Immigrants are going to keep coming here from wherever,the Chinese are probably as good as anyone else.Some will "colonize",many will stay and become permanent and productive citizens.
Where,exactly,are the type of immigrants you prefer supposed to come from,Europe? Maybe a few decades ago,now they are no better than anyone else,with the exclusion of the primitives who won't leave their goddamned wars back home.
No political Party is going to limit immigration and face devastation at the polls. So,bitch and complain all you want, it makes absolutely no difference.
This is just pissing into the wind. Welcome to Canada,as it really is.
And some of you were here a few weeks ago saying Kenney was doing a good job by keeping the floodgates open.
Ignore the neurotic nativists. History will bury them just like it buried them in the past. They are wrong. Every. Single. Time. Immigration has never ever been bad.
dr suzuki lives on pt grey rd. funny , the guy that wants to reduce the population would be inundated by the most populus folks in the world.
wonder if he is accommodating to the chinese as he isnt too keen on crackers
HHhmmm.... I'd say Arab immigration into Libya, the Levant and Syria, and European immigration into Africa have generally not worked out too well at all.
Indeed. Chinese are better than a bunch of lazy lousy drunken Scots rotted out by socialism. Whose favorite food is deep-fried Mars bars.
While I agree with those who recognise that our intake of immigrants is far too high; in fact per capita it is more than twice that of any other country. I am also aware and disappointed that no government, so-called Conservative, Liberal or NDP has the courage to end this. That said I am also with those who prefer Chinese immigrants to socialist Europeans (I have yet to meet anyone from the UK who isn't socialist to the core), to say nothing of the disaster of continuing to import large numbers of Muslims.
Re: Eurokooks- there are leftist Europeans who specifically come here as subversives. I had a summer fling with a schoolteacher (shocker) who was one. She wanted to "teach people how to live" and chose Kentucky as her ultimate destination. She was totally insane in other less subtle ways, such as believing in a global consciousness raising 2012 arrival of space aliens and being vegan. Aaand she's not alone - there's groups of them, aaaand she's got an advanced degree (mathematics so haha STEM fetishists), aaaand she's responsible for teaching kids. And she's not my only encounter with leftist Euro change-agent-awareness-raising-activists. They're a pestilent scourge and our security services should be treating them accordingly.
Ad for Tridel condos in Markham/Unionville in Ontario.
Chinese living in Markham/Unionville are now the majority.
Michael Chan, Liberal MPP for the area:
Ontario makes plea to Ottawa to fix tourist-visa backlog
“I’m begging, I’m encouraging, I’m telling the federal government: Fix this,” Ontario Tourism Minister Michael Chan said in an interview.
Chan is begging... because the backlog is complicating and delaying the process of Chinese bringing money into Canada to buy real estate.
Bitching and complaining is what it is all about. Try doing that in China.
Why is anyone surprised .... We are being colonized by other cultures which are rapidly destroying ours. This has been going on since Pierre Trudeau opened the doors and established a multicultural society that was doomed to failure ... just like the Tower of Babel.
Likes attract .... Multiculturalism is a fantasy that sprang out of the juvenile mind of leftists who have no idea what they have done.
And for the surface re
And for the surface readers .... this article was not about the bad grammar.
Immigration has never ben bad? Never? The "First Nations" people might not agree with you.
Hey....look at the bright side. In 18 years or less we can be just like our Indians. We can block railway tracks, do on hunger strikes like Chief Spence and five our middle finger to the human rights Nazis because we will be the MINORITY.
Of course there is always a chance that the bleeding heart liberal granola chomping foam at the mouth tree huggers will also be a minority, in which case the new overlords will just shoot us.
@peterj"Of course there is always a chance that the bleeding heart liberal granola chomping foam at the mouth tree huggers will also be a minority, in which case the new overlords will just shoot us."
You betcha. They will shoot the original natives too. The Chinese don't give a damn about anything but making money. On the plus side, they are not Muslims. I've abandoned Vancouver, where I was born. There are whitopias elsewhere in the province where housing is more affordable.
Heh, they saw the Chinaman coming, selling him marginal land. His 1.4 million will be worth about half in a few years. Anyway, land is the small part of the investment to farm.
Like the Ogema local said, if the land was any good, locals would have bought it.
Constructive criticism is more effective than fear mongering,"yellow peril" ad nauseum.
And don't be too smug,as you can only bitch and complain along narrow parameters in Canada,or you'll find yourself at the wrong end of an HRC trial.
We're all good capitalists here,so why would we complain about immigrants who come here to live the great American/Canadian dream of making it rich?
Look at the alternatives in some ghettos in our cities,like Toronto's Jane & Finch area,and Winnipeg's North End. The Chinese bring a conservative law and order culture, while too many Canadians have adopted the opposite.
Personally, I have no issue with oriental immigrants ... except for 1 GLARING Issue. Their (NON) Ability to Drive a freaking car.!! Mind you that extends to every Pakistani/Indian female in a van as well.
On immigration: We MUST HALT Islamic Immigration at once. They of all immigrants will never ever Westernize. They will however dominate this country as they will all of Europe if we do not do something real real soon. Be damned if my girls are going to be wearing tents and walking 10 feet behind t heir husbands.
As for those in country already, send them back to whatever scorpion infested sand pit they came from. OUT - BEGONE. you are not wanted here.
ITT screams of YELLOW PERIL from people with yellow in their pants.
We MUST HALT Islamic Immigration at once. They of all immigrants will never ever Westernize. They will however dominate this country as they will all of Europe if we do not do something real real soon.
Leave me out of your collectivist doom fantasies.
LAS, you're not getting it. Culture matters, not race (unlike what you think, it seems). When you have a culture that thinks baby girls can be fed to wild dogs and that the number four is intrinsically evil, we should be concerned especially as the "multicultural mosaic" forbids the acclimatisation of new immigrants. Do Asians make better settlers than Muslims? Sure but there are things to be ironed out.
Chinese purchases of Canadian real estate are driven by a lack of confidence in the Beijing dictatorship. Chinese are fearful that the wealth they have gained could be taken away by the Chinese government. Japanese have more confidence in their democratically-elected government, thus they had no need to buy houses in Canada when they became rich in the 1980s, even though Japan is more densely populated than China.
All of our immigrants are assimilating perfectly fine.
You haven't...maybe it's the drugs.