Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Former BC Liberal executive launches online crowdfunding campaign for legal fees

Former BC Liberal executive launches online crowdfunding campaign for legal fees

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Former BC Liberal executive launches online crowdfunding campaign for legal fees
A former BC Liberal Party executive has turned to crowdfunding to pay for her legal bills.
Laura Miller resigned as the Liberals’ executive director last month after being criminally charged in connection to Ontario’s gas plants scandal.
She is one of two former aides to former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty who are charged for alleged roles in the deletion of emails.
At the time of her exit, she vowed to clear her name and hired high-profile civil rights lawyer Clayton Ruby.
But that doesn’t come cheap.
Fundrazr page has been set up, and so far has raised more than $18,000.
miller fundrazer
The page shows contributions came from BC Liberal Party president Sharon White, who donated $2,500, and Liberal MLA John Yap and former Liberal solicitor general John Les, who gave $500 each.
Another apparent contributor is no stranger to the type of attention Miller is getting.
BC Liberal organizer Mark Robertson has donated $1,000.
He’s currently facing Elections Act charges in connection to the BC Liberals’ “quick wins” ethnic outreach scandal.


  1. Wow,. Typical Liberal. “Never use your own money. Just find a dumb taxpayer or a bleeding heart who will pick up the tab.” Nothing new to see here. Just more back room muck bubbling up from the bottom of the Liberal barrel. Only the NDP can go lower than this.
    • The constitution for many organizations provide for the payment of any legal costs arising out of the performance of duties conducted for that organization. So the legal costs should be paid out-in this case-out of the Liberal Party’s funds.
      Don’t get what you mean by “only the NDP can go lower than that” other than the implication that alleged criminal activity is okay.
      Ask yourself, who is being charged criminally?
      • The Ontario Lieberal Party that last election ran to the LEFT of the Dippers, if that were possible.
        Miller’s best defence might be to strike a deal with the prosecutors to testify against the real criminals McGuinty and Wynn . . . who the OPP seem to ignore.
        Ontario voters, some of the dumbest in Canada, elected these thieves three times with the help of feckless Unions and the lame-stream Media.
        Ontar-i-owe is on the verge of “Failed State” status, but I just bet Justin buddy will bail them out!
    • Hunter: Maybe do some research before blowing off hot air to the readers. Both former Social premier Bill Vanderzalm got into hot water as did former NDP premier Glen Clark.
      Legislation law is that a premier in hot water can have their legal fees paid for by the taxpayers.
      Vanderzalm refused to let the taxpayers pay his legal bill and paid for the legal fees out of his own personal bank account.
      On the other hand Glen Clark let his legal bills to be paid by the taxpayer. Typical NDP policy of finding dumb taxpayers to pick up the tab.
    • I agree with you – but her level of arrogance isn’t much different than that of most politicians – as a breed these cats think that they are Gods gift to the world, and everyone should throw rose petals before them to allow them to do good for the unwashed masses .
    • Who paid for Prof Levin’s Tony ? ? ?
      What . . . you don’t know who he was? Deputy Education Minister in the Ontario Govt . . . worked for Wynn, and sat with Wynn and Justin at the TO Parade a couple of years back.
      While we were being bombarded with the “Duffy” non-issue . . . he was sentenced to 3 years for making and distributing kiddie porn. And you didn’t know . . . than you Canadian media !
      • That story ran in all the usual media outlets. No one was hiding it, so whoa back on your conspiracy rant for a change. I am quite sure Tony72 knows who this sicko is.
        Having said that, I sure hope your defence for taxpayers paying for Harper’s unethical and perhaps criminal senators is not that liberals and ndp hacks do just as bad or worse things. If that is the case, then you truly are an ideologue.
        • what is pathetic is the amount of money spent to scrutinize the expense statements – was ten times greater than the false claims found … this truly is a tempest in a teapot
          • Justice can be expensive at times. Too bad those senators just weren’t honest and ethical in the first place; but having discovered there were breaches and possible criminal acts, then you have no choice but to pursue it – or are you suggesting the RCMP just should have looked the other way?
    • “Good for her in trying to pay for it without the taxpayer.”
      What? Who contributes to all these funding pages? Taxpayers! If she was a stand up gal she would use here own money to defend her guilty a$$.
  2. Yup..all the crooked Cons (BCLibs)will back one of thier own caught in a criminal act. After all half of them have been caught with thier hands in the public cookie jar. The most corrupt corporate govt in Canada..and all the rich business types that benifit from having them in power..will fund her defense. BCLibs are just the political arm of the corps here in BC.
    • Bruce … the politicians in BC are just like the bunch that used to run Queensland in Australia – more crooked than a dogs hind leg … everybody knows it … but no one does anything about it
      • Chris you will defend the BC liberals to win at all costs! you did it last time and you will again in 2017! You are all responsible for the corruption in BC along with the people that did not bother to vote! you that voted Liberal shame on you! Could you just imagine if she wins again they will think the governments coffer’s are open just for themselves~! Or did that already happen?? GO NDP GO
  3. I don’t believe the GULL of LINDA MILLER an ex-B.C. minister going on GO FUND ME for other people to PAY for
    her legal expenses as if she can’t afford it herself.
    She is just another LIBERAL who has been accused of a crime, and I am not going to cry for her.
    • The lawyer she has hired is one of the best and his stipend requires a major outlay. Perhaps Christy can make a major contribution to ensure Laura is back working in BC shortly.