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Monday, June 28, 2010

Vancouver: Canadian City Or Chinese Colony?

Let's just admit this and get on with life. Vancouver is a colony of China and to a greater extent, all of Asia. The city is often described as North America's first Asian city which is remarkable since I don't think anyone would have considered saying so around 30 years ago.

In any case it should come as no surprise to learn that wealthy Chinese are house hunting in Vancouver.

Mainland Chinese interest in Metro Vancouver property is so strong that it's fuelling a market for real estate tourism, with groups of wealthy travellers scheduling visits to the city for the sole purpose of house hunting.

This is not uncharacteristic of the wealthy who buy property globally. But this isn't the story of a wealthy American buying land in the French countryside. This is about a considerable amount of land being purchased by people of a particular nationality, in this case China. According to the story it is common for 90% of interested buyers to be from mainland China. These are people who are not even Canadian citizens but have displayed an interest in Vancouver's high end real estate market.

I don't know why they are considering buying a second home in Vancouver when they are not even Canadian citizens yet I get the feeling that to these Chinese house hunters Canadian citizenship is a given.

Scarrow said he is aware of other such trips that have been arranged in the past, andwhen the Mainland Chinese visitors do not have their immigration status in Canada sorted out, they are more reluctant to buy homes.

The trips, he added, are more a chance to get a "lay of the land" for what Metro Vancouver's neighbourhoods are like and what types of homes are available before securing landed immigrant status.

To date, Scarrow said, the preference for Mainland Chinese emigrating to Canada have ranged from Coal Harbour condominiums to single-family homes in Vancouver's leafier enclaves of Shaughnessy, Dunbar and Point Grey.

Vincent Chen, a representative for the Chinese immigration consulting firm Visas Consulting Group, said Canada is presently the most popular destination for Mainland Chinese using his firm. They are attracted by its quality of education, quality of life, the safety and stability of Canadian society and its "attractive investor immigrant program."

The ""attractive investor immigrant program" is nothing but citizenship for sale. It's a sham introducing sham Canadians into the country. It works something like this. You promise to invest so much in the country, produce a least one job, and TA DA, instant Canadian.

Ever wonder why so many groceries and corner stores are owned and operated by Asians? Now you know. It's a joke really. These wealthy mainland Chinese can purchase a Tim Hortens franchise. Then they can sell their share in the business if they so wish, take a loss perhaps, but in the end they get Canadian citizenship on the cheap. And what a bargain. With it you get socialized medicine, a subsidized education for your children, and social services for your aged parents. Then you can go back to China to evade Canada's tax regime because Canada allows dual citizenship (whereas China does not).

Vancouver is a choice destination because un-assimilating Asian immigrants have turned it into a virtual Chinese colony. So are they really immigrating to Canada or to a Chinese colony on the North American continent?

This is a problem. They are creating a city that has more in common with Beijing then the rest of Canada and in turn can transform British Columbia into a Quebec of the west coast.

If Honk Kong immigrants taught us anything these wealthy mainland Chinese will be sham Canadians were they to immigrate to Canada. They should be discouraged from immigrating here. They are not interested in Canada or Canadians only in how they can capitalize off of Canadian society. They are already wealthy and they are not coming here in search of a better life. We don't need them or want them. Some reasonable solutions is to make residency requirements more demanding. The other is to tax overseas incomes of Canadians.


Anonymous said...
To answer your rhetorical headline question.... Vancouver 2010 is not yet a Chinese colony, but it will soon become an unofficial colony in a couple of decades, if the current number of immigrants flowing into Canada is not restricted.

...and 20 years of future time is not too far off. In the reverse time scale, this is like looking back at 1990!

Incidentally, that was about the time I became acutely aware of an ever increasing demographic change to my country by mass third-world immigration, and one with irreversible displacement values that I didn't ask for!

I may have contributed these figures before, but it never hurts to remind ourselves, that new Chinese births within that country since only 2005, are equal to Canada's entire current population... seen HERE.

Vancouver now has its first Chinese police chief, and when the city's first mayor of Chinese descent assumes office in a few years, there will be no returning back to today's "Pleasantville".
Anonymous said...
I would be ok with them if they tried to smile once in a while or speak english while in a group setting, so as not to exclude anyone. Their main theme is exclusion, they dont talk to anyone who is not chinese and they act like they are the ones who are allowing us to live here. They constantly make racist remarks, I even saw an assian girl wearing a nigger head tshit WTF. The biggest thing that pisses me off is that nowadays the main requirement in getting a job in vancouver is not english but cantonese or mandarin, I'm sorry I didnt know I was living in china. Jesus these people are irritating
Peter said...
You people are a bunch of racists. This is the same rhetoric that sent a ship of ailing Sikhs back to sea in the early 1900s. This is the same misguided fear that sent the Japanese to concentration camps in the second world war. This is the same warmongering that led to both the Korean and Vietnam wars.

I was born at St. Pauls hospital in Vancouver. Lived my whole life in BC except when out of country working.

I am pretty sure you will not post this but I have sent your site to a friend of mine who monitors this kind of thing.
PaxCanadiana said...
You people are a bunch of racists.


This is the same rhetoric that sent a ship of ailing Sikhs back to sea in the early 1900s. This is the same misguided fear that sent the Japanese to concentration camps in the second world war.

I don't question the racist motives behind the Japanese internment. Indeed it is a sad case in Canadian history since I consider Japanese integration into Canadian society a success story. Sadly I cannot say the same thing for Chinese immigration. Dare I say it has been an abysmal failure.

This has to do with the fact that Canada is bringing in too many Chinese immigrants at a time. This negatively affects integration. It's not that Chinese immigration is a problem. It's that too much is a problem. I'd be saying the same thing if they were Russian. In fact, Italians provide a European example. Canada imported so many Italians after the second world war that they still haven't fully integrated into Canadian society to this day choosing instead to cluster in areas like Woodbridge, ON and fly the Italian tri-colour with more gusto than the maple leaf.

Regarding the Komagata Maru, the ship was specifically chartered to challenge Canada's contiguous passage laws. Those aboard were not fleeing persecution or anything like it. They were engaging in a deliberate provocative act. At the time those aboard had no right to disembark and settle on Canadian soil. Canada was well within its legal right to send them back and enforce the integrity of its borders. Aside from moral grandstanding I don't see how you can argue that they had a right to disembark and what Canada did was wrong. It may have been embarrassingly excessive but not wrong. You might think it was racist but so what?

I am pretty sure you will not post this but I have sent your site to a friend of mine who monitors this kind of thing.

Of course I'm going to post your comment. I believe in freedom of speech. Obviously you don't and since freedom of speech is the ultimate Canadian value how can you call yourself a Canadian? Believe it or not I do screen posts and won't post anything that calls for violence or any criminal action against any identifiable group. And believe it or not I have not once received a comment like that or has come close to it.

I hope that satisfies you and I am asking for your permission to keep my blog running since apparently I need your approval. I will now not post anything until you screen it first. I will modify my thoughts so that they conform to yours. It's apparent I have committed a thought crime and have been committing thought crimes for quite a while. I have been harbouring ideas without state approval and am in desperate need of re-education. Big brother will be displeased. Please inform your friend at the Ministry of Truth that I am aware of my crimes and accept my fate awaiting me at any gulag.

I should be angry with you but I am actually thankful. It is good Big Brother has people like you keeping watch on people like me. I am glad you caught me before I can commit further crimes with my thoughts. My only regret is that you didn't catch me sooner. Praise Big Brother and go f**k yourself.
Anonymous said...
"You people are a bunch of racists."

Ah yes Racist...Any Westerner who doesn't desire to be overrun in their own countries by foreign people who don't share their culture is a racist.

Well, you are a Marxist piece of shit so FUCK YOU. See how that goes. Report all you want to your thought police friend.
Anonymous said...
The Great Chinese Land Grab of 2010/2011... is deeply depressing.
I am still in a state of shock that the fed Govt is actively encouraging the bogus citizenship of these self-segregating, arrogant bozos. Why doesn't the fed govt just hand Vancouver over to China and be done with it.
PaxCanadiana said...
The Great Chinese Land Grab of 2010/2011... is deeply depressing.
I am still in a state of shock that the fed Govt is actively encouraging the bogus citizenship of these self-segregating, arrogant bozos. Why doesn't the fed govt just hand Vancouver over to China and be done with it.

I have developed the opinion that too much Asian immigration, especially Chinese immigration, is not healthy for Canada.

My biggest fear is they will turn British Columbia into a Quebec of the west coast threatening secession and succeeding. I feel a large Chinese presence in Canada poses a potential threat to national security and sovereignty. Chinese organizations in Canada, in a move that smacks of racism inherent in the community, have encouraged Canada's Chinese population to vote in block for Chinese candidates in election across the country. If they were Canadians then why would that matter? CSIS is already concerned some politicians in B.C. are being influenced by Beijing.

Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines have witnessed anti-Chinese sentiments and rioting directed at the Chinese population each country hosts. Being exposed to the Chinese here in Canada I can see why and doubt the Chinese are without fault, having brought it upon themselves.

It seems whatever country they introduce themselves into they attract animosity and engender social tensions. There were anti-Asian riots in Vancouver in 1909. Recently in communities outside of Toronto Chinese fishermen were being disruptive and irked the locals who started to push them in the water in incidents known as "nippertipping". I am compelled to believe they brought it upon themselves. To me, Chinese only care about Canada so far as what they can get out of her. They are not Canadians because they really don't care to be which explains why they are one of the most poorly assimilated and poorly accepted immigrant groups in Canada. Again, this is their fault.

I am not opposed to Chinese, or even Asian, immigration. I am opposed to too much of it and the Asian population in Canada makes it clear why.
Anonymous said...
I have to comment even though I'm from the US. I just wrapped up a visit to Vancouver for the first time in 20 years and must say, even though it's just as beautiful as I remember, I was shocked by how expensive everything there was.

I live in Hawaii and the same thing with Chinese immigrants is happening there. Buy up the best real estate, outprice the locals, and have no interest or respect whatsoever in integrating with those who have been there for generations. I feel sad for Vancouver because I've seen what this type of immigration can do -- divide a community, dominate and exploit resources, degrade the environment, etc.

Hope you all work it out. Didn't know about the citizenship buying thing. That's crazy. You Canadians have a great city and province here in BC, please take care of it so I can enjoy it 20 years from now!!!

From an Asian American who loves hockey and Canada!
Anonymous said...
Unfortunately, this is a classic case of the new, and very frightening, liberal thought control that is turning Canada into a Orwellian state. Here is how it works: If you protest unlimited immigration you are a racist, a term which ends all debate and silences you, because no one in Canada wants to be called a racist. If you want your English or French cultural heritage to survive and for Canada to remain primarily white you are a racist. In fact if you propose any sort of defence of Western culture or Caucasians you are racist.

The term racist is a "silver bullet" a magical term that wins you all arguments. If you do not win the argument through logic, or use of the term "racist" then you can always fall back on the Human Rights Commission in your province, or someone else's, to silence the opposition.

This ridiculous violation of free speech and human rights has somehow been institutionalized by the Canadian government as part of a more "caring and open" Canada. Nothing could be further from the truth. Canada is becoming what I like to call a "Libro-Fascist" state. If you disagree with liberal majority / ethnic minority opinion you will be hunted down and silenced, in the future, perhaps even jailed.

We are not quite there yet, but we soon will be if we submit to this trend and do not fight back. The time to be pleasant is over. We Canadians have a hard time understanding this. Because we have always been a rather mild and civil population due to our English heritage we assume we should continue this way and we remain docile in the face of the threat of cultural and ethnic extinction.

Vancouver is a classic example. Based on my decade long experience living in Asia I can tell you that they are not interested in preserving Western heritage or allowing the continued existence of the white race. Nor are they interested in assimilating to Canada's original European culture. They are bent on turning as much of Canada as possible into a Chinese land. And it is not only true of them, but of many other non white groups entering Canada.

If ever there was something worth resisting this is it. So, start now don't weaken or capitulate and for heaven sakes fight back. It's time.
Anonymous said...
I grew up in Vancouver. When I was growing up Vancouver was a very different city. In elementary school things started to change. And in secondary school the language in the halls went from English to Chinese. I remember being in an English class and the teacher having to tell the Chinese kids to speak English. When confronted by the teacher she was met with anger and looks of disgust.

My problem is not with immigration, as my grandparents were immigrants. My problem is with integration. The immigrants these days, especially the Chinese and East Indians don't seem to integrate. Why is it I get turned away from jobs I am qualified for when I don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese? There is no rhyme or reason why in software development I should need to speak in either language. I am not in sales (selling to the Chinese population) and the company is in Canada.

Racism can come from both sides. I have been an immigrant myself, but in Europe. I went knowing that I would have to learn the language and culture. That was my duty for the privilege to be able to spend four lovely years in a beautiful country. Why should we not have rules that force integration and language on newcomers?

If people are educated, motivated and want to be a productive member of society (integration and all), then I say let them come and contribute. If you can't do that, then find somewhere else to go. But as someone pointed out, our government has been too quick to open the gate without the proper checks and balances. I only hope all Canadians, get out there and put a stop to easy immigration. Let's get in people who can be a contribution, not a drain on our wonderful country.
Anonymous said...
I too was born in Vancouver. This place has turned into the most unfriendly city I've ever encountered. Sense of community? What community? It appears I've moved to China and had no say in it.

I rent, and have Chinese, above, below and on both sides. I'm tired of trying to say Good morning or any greeting to any of them. It's met with sneers. I just came back from Tim Hortons, the place was full, myself and my friend were the only ones that weren't Chinese and there was zero English being spoken. I'm forced to feel like a foreigner in my home country. I live in Coquitlam.

This isn't immigration, it's an invasion. Many of my Caucasian friends have left Vancouver for the same reason....all stating we have all the fall out of a war, without the war. We all talk about it in the privacy of our living rooms, in fear of being deemed racist, however, it's the Chinese that are racist. I too am fed up with job seeking where Cantonese or Mandarin are required. We're just handing our country, values and culture over to them and they are laughing at us for it and not even discreetly.

There is no doubt for the people that were born here, that this IS a Chinese colony. I've come to hate this city and feel as though I'm being chased out too. This is a daily conversation with my friends. Why, are we allowing this to happen? As someone else posted, why are we not standing in front of city hall protesting? Sure, they bring their money and create jobs, but only for themselves. My Stepmother was an ESL teacher, she told me 20 years ago, that 40% of our school budget goes to teaching the Chinese English. I can't imagine what percentage that would be now, yet I don't hear them speaking it.

I realize I've not said anything new here, I just wanted a place to express my feelings. Thank you for this blog and allowing me to vent. outcast in my home country.
Anonymous said...
I'm sickened and disgusted that this invasion is allowed to continue. The Chinese are a bunch of rude, obnoxious ingrates. The East Indians are right behind them. My ex works as a Contractor and his sole job is to repair all the code violations by the East Indians in new developments. Look at what happened to our taxi industry...a bunch of broken down wrecks that I wouldn't risk my life in until recently. The trucking industry another one. Why are we just silently sitting at our computers complaining and not taking it to the streets? It disgusts me to see Crusty Clark and Harper dressed in Chinese gear for Chinese New Year and Sikh gear for their holidays. WTF? It's already too late.

As a Vancouver born Caucasian, I'm already a minority in my hometown and country. The Chinese have a history of killing off many species, complete lack of human rights, absolutely no respect for anything and they've brought that garbage from their 3rd world country to what was ours. Speak English for Christ sakes!! I have to laugh a all the indignity in Quebec back in the 70's regarding a refusal of English signage.

Just down the street from me in Burnaby, there's a huge Asian strip mall that doesn't have ANY English signage. Clearly as a Canadian born white person, I'm not welcome there. It's all over the lower mainland. The Chinese have had Richmond for decades, The East Indians, Surrey, The Muslims the North Shore, yet there isn't a predominately white neighbourhood to be found. They've infiltrated every where! As a woman, I'm afraid to go the corner store at any time of day because there's always a group of Chinese males blocking the entrance and staring me down as though I'm an unworthy piece of shit!! This was my country!! I emphasize "was" because even if we have immigration reform now, it's too damned late. I don't feel safe walking the streets of Vancouver anymore. They've succeeded in taking over, I don't want to be here anymore. I'll never be able to afford to own property, I'm single and not the slightest bit interested in dating an East Indian or any Asian and that's all that's available in Vancouver. I don't understand anything being spoken in public anymore. I'm not racist, or intolerant and I'm sick of our politicians trying to brainwash me into believing if I speak out as a patriot, that I am. I have friends of all sexual orientations, and many different races. Is it too much to ask that they speak our language??

Craigslists rants and raves used be tips on where there was traffic congestions, what stores may be dishonest, etc., now it's just a bunch of Asians speaking of white genocide and telling us it's their country now. Really??? Go!! the F**k home you filthy ingrates!!!
Anonymous said...
I'm from Latin America and moved to Montréal in 2010. Last year I decide to come to Vancouver, expecting to finally settle down and start my new life. This has been probably the worst mistake of my life. Most expensive city in North America (Dont know why? "ocean"? "mountains"?. But the most weird experience I had in this soon-to-be chinese colony was that I was discriminated by a Chinese guy for being "mixed race" which for them its synonym of "not smart"and "inferior". Seems that Canada will become Chinada
PaxCanadiana said...
Most expensive city in North America (Dont know why? "ocean"? "mountains"?

You have to wonder?

It's full of Chinese. Toronto has the same problem too.

The Chinese don't don't create jobs, they speculate in real estate.

One has to wonder what contribution they have made as a community to make continued Chinese immigration - all Asian immigration for that matter - of any worth to us Canadians. I simply don't see it and indeed if any benefit is to be had it is by the Chinese themselves.

I think Chinese immigration is allowed at such high numbers considering the low return on their importation is that the banks love them because of their addiction to gambling in real estate speculation. That plus our political parties are afraid to offend them - since we imported so many already - and lose their bloc votes. It's for pathetic reasons, really.