Monday, October 23, 2017

Here's why China is trying to buy out Australia

October 22, 2017


Here's why China is trying to buy out Australia

Chinese investors are buying up assets in Australia from housing to ports to agriculture.
One area where that trend is particular noticeable: Chinese investment in Australia's agricultural sector went from $300 million to more than $1 billion over the past year.
Part of what's driving that trend is Chinese investors looking to Australia as fertile ground to produce goods that they'll sell back in China. There's heavy demand from China's booming middle class for Australian-produced fruits, meats, wine, dairy and minerals.
In fact, those shoppers have grown to trust "Made in Australia" on the whole. After outbreaks in China from tainted infant formula, Australian-produced formula has been a market winner for Chinese consumers.

China's wealthy impact Australian housing

Home prices in Sydney are up 98 percent since the global financial crisis, and in Melbourne they're up 84 percent, according CoreLogic, a data, information, analytics and services provider in Australia.
Concurrent with rising prices is increased Chinese activity in the market. Last year, was the biggest year for Chinese investment in Australian residential real estate, according to, an international property website.
In New South Wales, the Australian state in which Sydney is located, foreign buyers (87 percent of whom were Chinese) acquired a quarter of new property supply, according to a recent report by Credit Suisse.

Not everyone is happy about the trend

Governments are working to slow the movement of Chinese money into Australian assets.
Australia has lowered incentives for foreign buyers, and the state of New South Wales doubled taxes on foreign buyers to 8 percent of the purchase price. For its part, China's government has recently implemented restrictions on the outflow of cash from the mainland.
"China's capital controls have worked," Jane Lu, head of Australia for Juwai said. "Look at China's huge foreign reserves, at the strong yuan, and at the reduced the flow of money out of the country."
In 2017, Juwai is seeing an average Chinese property buying inquiry price of about $350,000 in Australia, according to Lu. That's about $40,000 lower than last year, she said.
Yet, according to Credit Suisse, demand is still high and not expected to slow. One of the reasons is China's increasingly wealthy population.
In 2011, the combined wealth of all of China's millionaires was nearly equal to the value of Australia's total housing stock. Today, however, China's wealthy are worth twice as much as the housing stock.
Credit Suisse forecasts combined wealth of the China's elite will continue to grow at a faster pace.

Australia now falls within the new South China Sea and will be annexed shortly.
Stevia Sugar
Looks like some Australian politicians have turned to the dark side. 😁
You just gotta love how willing politicians are to bend over backwards and commit treason over few thousand bucks, or in this case, yuans.
Everyday Is Merry Christmas
How about we send our factories in India or some democratic country that won't steal our tech and shit? This will reduce Chinese power and influences over us. We should remove China's most favored nation status and replace it with India or some other democracy.
Joe Cleaves
LIving in Sydney - I think the government is just starting to realise the dangers with working too closely with China and emphasising their responsibility to follow international law. Based on the progress Turnbull has made on the issue in the six months, going from being China friendly to openly detesting their claims in the SCS while in Singapore this year. Investigations like this are starting to convince the public.
skeptic proof
makes me remember the killing of french engineers by israel, in a calm planned way and france didnt rise a finger on them, while i understand that australia has economic interests with china, i dont get why zionist isratrash is giving a white card by the west !
Augustan Zaldívar
Another reason politicians must not be trusted, they are like dogs, they'd do anything for a ton of cash. This world needs leaders, not politicians
Wong K.K
Fuck the Chinese !!!
Libra rye Files
we already know there are lots of wealthy Chinese buying up real estate in Sydney and Melbourne. It was only a matter of time before they can official set foot on the Australian politics.
6 million Jews Killed Hitler
Everyone in Australia needs to see this
Luckily there is full and immediate disclosure of party donations in Australia. Corruption is low but makes you wonder what loopholes could be exploited in the future. Foreign party donations will end soon.

Jesse Souter
As an Australian I would easily say our political system is joke! As would most people. And as for Chinese relations with Australia they actually don't own as much as people think they do. So many Australians will refuse to do business with China even when it comes to do with buying from their shops here. We are slowly seeing less business owners from china here.
Horkos of Dõnsö
I'm positive towards chinese lobbying in 'stralia an' 'zeeland. The international currency will go from dollar to C-yen. It's going to happen and it's going to be bloody and the more 'stralia an' 'zeeland distance themselves from Isra... America the better.
"things are... different down-under" Nah, they just know what liberalism actually means.
Desmond Yuan
As a chinese who live in the UK. I got so mad after reading all the comments from below. I don't understand why Commonwealth white people hate us. Our Chinese immigrants rarely commit crime and try to assimilate the society. We contributed a lot to the country we live in but at the end we were humiliated and beaten by the local. From what I see so far, muslims migrants are more welcome. They can do what ever they want, they built giant mosque, took over street for praying, raped young white girls, setting sharia law and training jihadis fighter. And this behavior is acceptable, the mainstream media never talk about it.

D Jaquith
Politician .. corruption you say? Chinese Billionaires connection to the CCP? Chris say it isn't so! Like Pandas sh!tting in the woods!
dan guralnek
sweet... please continue exposing ccp exploits in australia. love the video...keep it up
Michael Velez
Fuck China. That's what I think. We should kick their ass and give them to Japan
Daniel Jesús Valencia Sánchez
5000? 1600? That seems... cheap.
jude jude
Almost Extinct
I'm sure that half the yanks watching this video either dont know where Australia is or mixed us up with Austria.True Story.
Well, I know I'm never going to Oz between the rabid feminists, China buying their government, and all the dangerous animals.

greedy capitalists will sell us the rope to hang them with