North Shore Rescue teams found two hikers who got lost on the Hanes Valley Loop trail Thursday evening.
The two hikers, Jason Chon and Fred Park, set out Thursday afternoon to complete the loop, which takes about eight or nine hours, but got lost and ended up at the top of Crown Mountain near sundown.
"We were lucky enough to get cell reception," said Chon. "His [Park's] phone battery was dying, and my phone had actually fallen out during the hike."
The two young men got lost while hiking to Crown Mountain, a hike that can often take up to seven hours from the trailhead at Grouse Mountain. (krwoll/Flickr)
The pair were able to to call for help, and North Shore Rescue was able to quickly determine their location.
The rescue group sent out two search teams around 9:30 p.m. Thursday. They successfully located Chon and Park, and hiked them both back down to the base of Grouse Mountain just after 2 a.m. Friday.

Hikers were unprepared

Mike Danks, with the rescue group, said the two young men in their early twenties were not prepared to hike in the dark, and didn't pack headlamps or flashlights.
Search crews later discovered the pair did not pack any of the essentials needed for a hike of that length.
The hikers said they've learned their lesson, and will be better prepared next time they hit the hiking trails.
"Definitely bring the 10 essentials," said Chon. "We're going to go back and make sure we have all those things for the next one."