Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Costco Removes Pekkle Sleepers Manufactured in China For Safety Concerns

Costco Removes Pekkle Sleepers 

Manufactured in China 

For Safety Concerns

5 May 2017

Costco Removes Pekkle Sleepers From Stores
They are everybody's favorite jammies for babies, but you won't find them on the shelves at Costco - at least for awhile.
Costco has removed infant Pekkle sleepers from its stores in Canada after receiving a complaint that a snap detached from a sleeper. The child's skin was scraped as a result of the loose snap.
Pekkle sleepers are sold at Costco in sizes 3-24 month sizes. They are manufactured by Lemur Inc. Lemur Inc. is a Montreal company that oversees the manufacturing of Pekkle clothing in China.
Costco learned of the complaint on April 11 and removed the sleepers from the shelves on the same day. Costco, Health Canada and Lemur Inc. are all investigating the incident but a formal recall has not yet been issued. Health Canada will decide whether further action is required after a full review of the case.
It is unknown at this time whether Pekkle onesies and summer rompers have also been pulled off the shelves, but they do have metal snaps so I wouldn't be surprised.
For now I am packing all our Pekkle sleepers away. Everyone loves a naked baby, right?