Saturday, February 4, 2017

Time For a Rant- February 2017

Time For a Rant

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Canadian handover to China, inevitable. Our corrupt political system, its days are numbered and the elites know it. A revolution is in the air, [actually engineered] so they are pulling money out of Canada through cosy relationships with the Chinese and their buying sprees. Meanwhile hoards of money through secret dealings, corruption at the highest levels, is being poured into off shore banks where its not seen and avoids taxes. They are prepared to jump ship just like Hillary Clinton tried to do just the other day but was caught walking up to the plane for questioning. Check that news item if you wish. 
We are in a process of collapse. Our financial system is built on nothing and in the event of Trump's protectionist measures we will see more and more of cash flight taking place and leaving Canada to secretive offshore banks. The Global Financial Markets/System is in turmoil and it also is preparing for same. Canada another Greece, very possible! Read about The Panama Papers and this cash flight, they are very scared and know its coming, meanwhile China is scooping up everything in this wake.
The public all the while is left in a shroud of ignorance as to the truth. All this with a flood of chaos coming our way with refugee resettlement and "Black Op" theatre as is happening currently in Quebec to stir up the anger....all planned in advance...."action, reaction solution"...The Hegelian Dialectic principle. 
Who do you think are the most members of the UN Peace Keeping force today...why the Chinese of course, check the stats, your new Globo'Cops. 
A Communist coup is just around the corner peeps. First thing, quit the UN and get ready fast. The UN has long been an organ of Communism since its inception, just look at who created it. Lester Pearson and his Communist pals. ...Yes I said Pearson, check that out as well...his Communist pals did hard time for spying whereas he was let off Scot Free during the enquiry.. a covert agent for Communism. But our establishments of higher learning have avoided mentioning it shrouded in silence even to today.
Lester Pearson was the Liberal who enforced the [new] Canadian flag when our original Red Ensign was still viable and proudly flown Canada-wide....The majority of the house stood up, with a few minor exceptions, shaking their fists in anger and outrage as he rammed it through parliament. That's on film for anyone to review BTW!
What am I saying, well we arent the so called democratic nation we think we are, more a corporation where everything has a sale price...and you? Are you "standing on guard for thee" "The true north strong and ...wait for it, FREE"
BTW I fly the Red Ensign, our true and proud, Canadian Flag on my front yard. "I dont like bullies". Didnt we Canadians fight World Wars for that reason, and with this flag... 

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