Friday, February 17, 2017

Nation Aliance Party ...Chinese political party, Canada

Party leader: Wei Ping Chen
Wei Ping Chen was born in Beijing, China. He moved to British Columbia in 2000, Currently working as a realtor with Century 21 Apex International.
He obtained both a bachelor’s in Engineering in China and a master’s degree in MBA from the University of Technology Sydney Australia.
Mr. Chen Formerly was a university teacher in Beijing; He is the Author of "HOW TO INVEST REAL ESTATE IN CANADA" .

Nation Alliance Party's ideologies:
1) To strive for equality and cooperation among all individuals and states.
Coexistence is possible only in equality, and harmony is founded on the basis of unity and mutual understanding.
2) A deep commitment to non-violence.
Internationally, Canada has always taken up the role of pacifist, therefore our ideologies match up to our national image.
3) To construct cooperatively our homeland.
Canada is a multicultural nation. Government policies are formulated in accordance with the desires of the entire population only with the participation of all ethnicities and social groups, and only then may win the support of majority and minority groups.
4) To support political election candidates.
Only through participation may concern be demonstrated, and encouraging all individuals to follow national events are one of our party's important tasks.
5) To greaten employment possibilities, further refine investment opportunities, and promote local economic development.
6) To improve local public security, medical services and educational systems.
The above as our party's ideologies and objectives, specific proposals will be successively raised by us in the coming future.