Monday, February 6, 2017

Narcissism Too Far...So Wrong

15-Year-Old Girl With $80,000-a-Month Allowance Goes HAM on Plastic Surgery Haters

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A 15-year-old girl in China has recently been making headlines all over Asia for the heavy amount of plastic surgery she’s had done on herself at such a young age. According to Chinese site, she reportedly got all the surgery in a desperate effort to win an ex-boyfriend back.
The girl goes by the name “Danae,” and she has risen to fame on Weibo (China’s equivalent of Twitter) because of her photos. She has amassed a following of over 580,000 on the Chinese social network.
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Judging from all the lavish photos she posts online, Danae seems to come from a privileged background. Her photos show off her luxury shoes and accessories, as well as her stays in upscale hotels.
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She’s also been posting videos of herself in skimpy underwear to her Weibo (they are too risque for us to show here).
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Since her rise to internet stardom, the 15-year-old has received much online scrutiny. It doesn’t seem to have fazed her, however. According to RocketNews24, she wrote a public message addressed to her haters:
“Those people bashing me: When you were 15, did you get presented with branded perfumes on a daily basis? Were you chauffeured around in luxury cars? How much of the world have you seen at the age of 15? Did you have 500,000 yuan (US$80,415) of pocket-money to spend every month when you were 15? If you didn’t then shut up, you are in no position to be bashing me. We have to live with the times to survive in today’s society, we can’t afford to be at a disadvantage at the starting line, you understand?”
She also wrote:
“The more praises there are, the more defamation there will be. The more you are blasted by women envious of you, the more interesting it will be […] Was there any market for you when you were 15? If not, then shut up, you’re not qualified to insult me. You have to keep up with the times in today’s society. You can’t let yourself lose at the starting line.”