Saturday, February 4, 2017

Apres Trump Inauguration ...boy'Trudeau and his "lover", Communist China

boy'Trudeau and his "lover", Communist China
Justin Trudeau Pride Toronto 2016, rainbow flag: Sunny'Ways,...look at all my, er 'fans'

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Its clear to me, boy'Trudeau will now rush into the waiting arms of Bubba'Beijing like a giddy bride and to hell with Canadians. He's out of his depth, and drunk with narcisscism, like a fool [and compulsive liar] will jeopardize Canadian sovereignty, indeed our very nationhood, what we fought for over the Great Wars.....Independence from tyranny and freedom. China is our enemy, indeed the whole world's enemy, make no mistake about that.
Canada's Year of the Monkey international rate stamp (left) and domestic rate stamp were inspired by the legend of the Monkey King. [Photo/Xinhua]
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What and Whom are we honouring here [Canada....NOT!]with Canadians tax dollars???

Sad waste of Canadian's money... and you should be ashamed to go along with it, Albert Ng.

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