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LAWRENCE SELLIN: China’s Scientific Spies Operating in the U.S. Have Chinese State Security Code Names – Why is US Allowing This?


LAWRENCE SELLIN: China’s Scientific Spies Operating in the U.S. Have Chinese State Security Code Names – Why is US Allowing This?

Guest post by Lawrence Sellin, PhD

China’s scientific spies operating in the U.S. have Chinese state security code names

The Gateway Pundit has published a series of articles, hereherehereherehere and here, describing the massive infiltration of U.S. research laboratories, particularly within U.S. programs involving viruses with potential use as biological weapons.

Now there is direct evidence that, for over thirty years, Chinese scientists who have come to the United States have been part of an organized espionage program run by China’s state security apparatus.

One of the most prominent of those is Shibo Jiang, a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) scientist, whose key position as the link between China’s biowarfare program and a network of Chinese scientists operating in the U.S. on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party has been well-documented by the Gateway Pundit, herehere and here.

Briefly, Shibo Jiang obtained his MS and MD degrees from the PLA’s First Military Medical University and the Fourth Military Medical University, respectively.

During his over 20 years working in the United States, Shibo Jiang developed an extensive network of collaborative research with other U.S. virus research laboratories and received more than $17 million in U.S. research grants, the vast majority coming from Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

During that entire period, Shibo Jiang actively collaborated with PLA laboratories, while simultaneously inviting into his U.S. laboratory and training scientists linked to the Chinese military.

At the same time Shibo Jiang was working with PLA scientists on coronaviruses, he was also working with scientists from Fort Detrick, the National Institutes of Health, the University of North Carolina, The University of Minnesota, the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and other major U.S. virus research centers.

According to sources originating from inside China, Shibo Jiang has been identified as a numbered agent for China’s state security apparatus.

There are literally thousands of Chinese scientists working in U.S. laboratories, who are directly or indirectly working with China’s military, some of those are also helping disseminate Chinese Communist Party propaganda inside the United States.

No doubt, many of them are designated espionage agents with Chinese state security code names.

The problems emanating from the massive infiltration of U.S. research programs by Chinese scientists loyal to the Chinese Communist Party remain totally unaddressed by the U.S. government.

American knowledge, skills, technologies and taxpayer money continue to flow into China’s fused military-civilian research sector contributing to China’s goal of global dominance.

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