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Communist China has invaded/colonized Vancouver...and Canadians haven't a clue!

Published on Dec 9, 2016
Christopher Wilson of looks at the connection between the City of Vancouver and the China Investment Corporation. MORE:
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Conan Doyle 
This has been going on since the handover of HK to Mainland China...see The Sidewinder Report put together by CSIS and the RCMP. Regular Canadian citizens living in the lower mainland have become irrelevant to the hostile and secretive moves of Beijing regarding Vancouver and its surrounds.
Alfred Punkers 
This is big. Keep hammering them. This could be a big story. Good find.
The Lawrence of Benjamin 
+number1 bronze5 Communism will never work.
number1 bronze5 
+The Lawrence of Benjamin Probably not, but capitalism will probably never work either.  Well it's working, but not for many people, and the environment.
Conan Doyle 
working here
JiM Beamer 
Infiltrating ... they own Vancouver ................... for years already.
Jayne Eyre 
Yep, it feels more an more like an invasion or colonization every passing year; there is probably not a block in Vancouver that isn't full of businesses with signs with massive Chinese characters and (maybe) a few words of English translation in such tiny print it's barely visible even up close, and I'm not just talking about restaurants or grocery stores, but educational consulting businesses, tax accountants, travel agencies etc.... most Chinese immigrants here are perfectly capable of at least reading simple English, so big Chinese signs are nothing but a form of cultural imperialism and exclusion that I personally find extremely offensive, basically saying "Fuck off if you're not Chinese." I have lived in China and (only occasionally) had to deal with that kind of attitude, but it's their country and their call, if they want to be racist pricks that's their right. But this is not China, this is Vancouver, Canada, where everyone either speaks English or desperately wants to learn to speak English, so fucking use English. Sometimes I think the infamous Quebec "language police" really had the right idea.
Jayne Eyre 
It would be more fitting to call it "Shangcouver" now; considering the current tsumami are overwhelmingly Mainlanders, whom many Hong Kong natives despise.
Conan Doyle 
This, only now, has become a STORY! Wow! Canadians are in for a huge shock
Conan Doyle 
Keep finding more evidence and making it public. The Rebel Media providing more real news.
John B 
You'll have a Chinese mayor in a decade or so. It'll be interesting to watch.
JiM Beamer 
Mayor .... you mean Prime Minister of Canada ................
John B we had one in Melbourne Victoria Australia called john so,he was so so.
Conan Doyle 
They had one in San Francisco and he was connected to The Triads, dirty as the day is long. Check it out!
Jen B 
When did Communism stop being a threat to western civilization?
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Ty G. 
Jen B it hasn't
Since 1991,we dont live on the cold war anymore
Jen B 
+NevermindPlays I firmly think Russia is not a threat to the US and could be a great ally. But the concept of Communism is still a threat to western values. The cold war was US vs USSR. That is over. We should now be friendly with each other. But the ideals behind communism are not compatible in any way with western societies and cultures.
When we embraced them as equals with open fucking arms and are now being devoured by them!
Alan Shore 
The minute the Western companies decided to manufacture their goods and share the technological know-how with Communist China.
Conan Doyle 
haven't stopped..boy you are asleep!
Ugly Puppy 
Why do politicians act so non-challant about communism...fuck it is disturbing.
Because they think we're all equal...
I've been reading about so many Chinese related scandals going on in the Vancouver area.
except China is not communist.
+Demockracy and YET you still defend it....
+Joshua McLean sure ok whatever you say to help you sleep better at night....
Mycroft Oeberlix 
We need to stick it to these Globalists!
Canda take warning. When a Communist Country starts to influence another country's wealth and state, it means that they're preparing to conqure that country.
It's not the investment. It's the lies and deception.
This sounds like Hillary's "the Russians are coming" hysteria.
Pelton P 
your housing prices will go up. your land value will be artificially inflated. a financial bubble is being created. houses that aren't worth anything are selling for millions in BC right now. normal people won't be able to afford housing and this will hurt the economy as they either move out or spend less- this will drive away small businesses. also, small business will suffer because they won't be able to pay people enough to afford local housing. when the chinese leave or you fix the problem, a financial bubble will burst and the city may become like detroit or the economic problems could affect the rest of the country or north america. it's a serious problem. look for the video: million dollar mansion or crack shack. look at black pidgeon speaks videos about the problem. a country must protect the economic interests of its people or it will become the shit hole canada is becoming right now.
Pvk Jhilk 
pelton, oh like california
One of China's goals is to control the West's entertainment industry. They are trying to buy up all of Hollywood, and they are coming for your film industry in Vancouver as well. Their endgame plan, to take over the West, depends on being able to influence our minds by putting their propaganda into every aspect of our daily lives and controlling our film industries is the easiest way to do that. We're already well into that stage, as we can see Chinese propaganda popping up in any film or tv show that involves technology and space travel.
Jordan Darrell 
A Artisan that may be true of Chinese leadership but I think most Chinese people are going to be fairly receptive to values like freedom and prosperity.
A Artisan 
+Jordan Darrell Most chinese people find it pretty wierd and uncomfortable to have to listen to the opinions of those that aren't like them. This is why they self segregate.
Guess your mainstream media news outlets must have missed this one.  Nice catch.
Anne O. 
thank you that was so interesting, this is a huge story, the city of Vancouver is captured by China and this is a good example.
Thomas THE Zaugg 
Jason McFadden made this allegation years ago. it was the first time the head of CSIS addressed Parliament, and obviously, they shouted him down.
jj lad 
I take a different position. I encourage more Chinese immigration to Canada. Not for their investment, but rather in the hopes they get involved with our politics at every level. The Chinese have no patience for Liberal BS, no Native guilt issues, and they certainly don't coddle their public servants. Canada could use a hood dose of Chinese hard line fiscal policy. Plus I love the spring rolls.
canadian boy 
Carlos Choy canada defenatly does not need Chinese money or Chinese immigrants for that matter. It is our right as Canadians to own our own home just because you over populated your country don't come to Canada and breed like rabbits over here and ruin a beautiful preserve of nature
Pelton P 
you're a complete idiot. i live in china. this is not something you want. you don't understand anything about chinese or chinese culture. what a fucking moron. i'll find you a job here if you want- you can see if you like it. you need conservatives and nationists to stand up for the natives, not alien diversity.
Joe Smith 
Justine Cringe 
Sure I believe that how about Islam and other foreign interest? They are all infiltrating our country, been doing so for a long time! Donald Trump knows about this that is why he is putting a permanent ban on foreign lobbyists
Cory Samoila 
Just like the imperial fucks took over indigenous peoples
Cory Samoila 
Sure is, dont stay in there to long, the floor is rusty
Billy Parks 
+Cory Samoila that's not rust

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