Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Celebrating The PRC [Peoples Republic of China] "where you say"?

Vancouver? WOT!

Conan Doyle 
The Chinese are laughing and giggling at us Canadians
George Koussa 
ive been saying that for years now, mao zedong killed more people than hitler and stalin combined (about 2.5 times more)
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Alex Mercer 
Must be fun to make up numbers.
The Joker 
Get rekt China
Good lord... that is just insane.
Nah, that is just the result of Communism/Socialism. Communist China didn't rocket into a super power until AFTER the adoption of "Free Market Economics With Chinese Characteristics" (ie Capitalism.) So we are a perfect example of what you can expect when you keep adding regulations, restrict private enterprise, and insist on equal wealth distribution for everyone.
Alexandra Geirsdóttir 
I don't believe that number, I think it's also a part of the US propaganda. I can't believe someone killed 73 millions of people, it's more than the population of whole Scandinavia.
+Alexandra Geirsdóttir There were a LOT of people in China. We are about 20 to 25% of the world population. Also, the deaths were not active execution so much as via incompetence. Stravation and the like.
Alexandra Geirsdóttir 
+Natasel if it includes starvation, then Churchill should also be included. In the Bengali famine over 4 millions of people died as a result of taking away crops from the people.
+The Joker I agree.
you are brainwashed by your countrys media 傻逼
Stevanus Newman 
But Mao killed like 100 million so Churchill's 4 million seems too little
go watch cctv you brainless peasant
rosie her 
Mao committed the worst genocide EVER on his OWN people. sad!
Ian H. 
And you yours. Communist mouthpiece.
No no, Japanese did Mao Zedong, Blame Japan.
8式 コアファイター 
Burmachi+ What 😎!!!
John Marc Abbett 
liandong lmfo
8式 コアファイター 
Wow, Sounds good!! 😁 I didn't know Japs are Big Boss of King of Chink. Okk! Hello,China Stop bullshit. Blame America now 😁. Cause, Indian said "Wolves told to So"
Pang WoodyAlan 
78million people
Shengwei Mao 
刘培旭 if their brain was not washed, they won't watch this channel
3rd World Garage 
If you were not paid to distort the truth and lie to cover for the mass murdering CCP, neither would you!
8式 コアファイター 
+George koussa Trust you!! 😁
Shengwei Mao 
刘培旭 It's obviously that they are not only hate communism but also those Chinese living in US, having nothing connected to communism. It's impossible to pursuade those racists
8式 コアファイター 
Wolves said, "Stop Bullshit Chink"
tom w 
George Koussa Japanese killed 50000000 people in China!!
8式 コアファイター 
I trust you,George koussa 😀. Who cares Chink says 😎😎, it's not competition of How many dead in the past of war ,dickhead!! You saying bullshit anyway.We other countries won't killing own peoples!! unless domestic war like 300yrs ago. Shame yourself and your Boss "CCP"!!!!! 😁 Where is wolves gone!?