Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chinese Olympic Hopefuls Fail Drug Test

Chinese Olympic Hopefuls Fail Drug Test
The China Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA) says that there have been 6 recent positive tests for banned substances by Chinese swimmers. Three positive tests were for clenbuterol dating back to late August/early September, while there were 3 positive tests in January of this year.
The athletes involved in the 2015 failed tests will soon be issued punishments by the Chinese Swimming Federation and the results will then be made known publicly, although no specific time frame has yet been revealed.
For the additional 3 from this year, the situations remain under investigation and will be publicised within 20 days of punishments having been issued, as in accordance with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regulations. Zhao Jian, Deputy Director of CHINADA says that WADA has been kept informed about all of the positive tests
In Thursday’s The Times, claims are made that these Chinese results were ‘concealed and covered-up’, an accusation which CHINA denies. Whisleblowers within the article also accuse swimming coach Zhou Ming of working with swimmers in Tianjin, even though Ming was banned for life in 1998 for his involvement in a prior doping scheme.
“People in Chinese swimming really want WADA to ask for the truth to be told,” a whistleblower told The Times. “Our pools are awash with rumours of bad things. There’s a lot of fear.”
Sun Yang, 2012 Olympic gold medallist and multiple World Champion served a 3-month ban after having failed a doping test back in 2014. The management of his punishment came under fire at the time, as no mention of his suspension was made prior to or during that year’s Asian Games and CHINADA has yet to explain why it didn’t immediately announce Sun Yang’s suspension.