Friday, June 17, 2016

Blowhole murder: Chinese student's mother describes pain of daughter's death

Blowhole murder: Chinese student's mother describes pain of daughter's death

Australian Associated Press
The body of Mengmei The Leng, 25, was found floating face down at Snapper Point in April.
Mei Zhang has told reporters in Sydney on Thursday that she still can’t accept her daughter is gone and that nothing can bring back the happy times they spent together.
“The time will never turn back to when Mengmei and I were living happily with each other,” she said through a translator on Thursday.
“You can never imagine how painful it is to me. The saddest thing in life is losing someone you deeply love.”
Zhang’s husband died in 2008. Leng left her home in Chengdu five years ag
o to study at the University of Technology, Sydney.
“Mengmei had always dreamed of being here to study,” her mother said, adding that her daughter was a feeling and understanding girl.
She had lived with her 48-year-old aunt and her aunt’s husband, Derek Barrett, at their Campsie home since she arrived in Australia. Barrett, 27, has been charged with her murder.
Zhang thanked the Australian and Chinese communities for their support during a time when she is suffering greatly.
She also thanked NSW police, including homicide squad Det Insp Gary Jubelin, for investigating her daughter’s death.
A fund has been set up to help pay for Leng’s funeral and support her mother when she returns to China.