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A Disgraceful Move, Steven Guilbeault Criticizes Canadian Energy Sector While In Communist China

A Disgraceful Move, Steven Guilbeault Criticizes Canadian Energy Sector While In Communist China

Why is Guilbeault more friendly towards a ruthless authoritarian state that kidnapped Canadians than he is towards the energy sector within his own country?

Eco-extremist Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault constantly finds new ways to divide Canadians and undermine his own country.

Yet, he has perhaps hit a new low, as he is now doing so while advising Communist China.

Guilbeault began his visit to China last Saturday, and has since been quoted attempting to falsely link the Canadian oil & gas sector to wildfires. Guilbeault attacked comments by new Suncor CEO Rich Kruger, in which Kruger state the company was disproportionately focusing on the energy transmission to the detriment of their core business.

“Today, we win by creating value through our large integrated asset base underpinned by oilsands,” said Kruger. He added the company would refocus on their oil sands business.

Speaking to the Canadian Press while in China, Guilbeault went on the attack against Kruger and the Canadian oil & gas sector:

“Recent statements by the CEO of a major oilsands company further the case for federal regulations to cap greenhouse-gas emissions in the oil and gas sector, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Guilbeault called the Aug. 15 comments by Suncor CEO Rich Kruger “disappointing,” particularly in the middle of a summer when “tens of thousands of Canadians” were forced to flee wildfires and global temperatures hit record highs in July.

“To see the leader of a great Canadian company say that he is basically disengaging from climate change and sustainability, that he’s going to focus on short-term profit, it’s all the wrong answers,” Guilbeault said.

“If I was convinced before that we needed to do regulation, I am even more convinced now.”

Notice how Guilbeault seeks to link the energy sector to wildfires in Canada, despite Canada’s emissions being a fraction of the world total.

The fact that Guilbeault is saying this while in China makes it all the worse.

China is ramping up coal production at a massive pace:

“China’s emissions grew by 10 percent year-on-year during the second quarter of this year – putting it on course to beat its previous record of 11.47 billion metric tonnes in 2021, according to data compiled by Carbon Brief, a United Kingdom-based website focused on climate policy.”

China doesn’t care what Guilbeault says

As we have seen, China sees other countries as either adversaries or subservient client states. With that in mind, they don’t at all care what Steven Guilbeault says, and an official state-run publication already warned Guilbeault against calling for China to do more on emissions:

“On Sunday, Global Times, published by the Chinese Communist Party’s central committee, heralded the visit as an opportunity “to ease the strained China-Canada relations.” However, it quoted a source warning that if Guilbeault “demands” that China become more aggressive on carbon emissions “in a condescending tone” the result could be “counterproductive.””

China is using Guilbeault to try and bolster their moribund international reputation and ‘greenwash’ their massive emission increases.

Disgraceful hypocrisy

We expect a certain level of hypocrisy from politicians.

But Guilbeault is going ‘above and beyond’.

By improve China’s image and criticizing the Canadian energy sector, Guilbeault has things completely backwards. Canada’s oil & gas sector isn’t the cause of rising global emissions. China is:

As you can see in the chart above, the OECD nations – of which Canada is one – have actually cut emissions.

Emissions in Canada and most developed nations have been declining on both a per capita basis and an overall basis.

Thus, Canada doesn’t actually need to take more ‘climate action.’ We are already doing our part, and were doing so even before the carbon tax.

But that’s not satisfying enough for Guilbeault.

Guilbeault has an extreme ideology, and needs a crisis-like atmosphere in order to impose his agenda. But the facts don’t match up with that agenda. So he ignores the facts, and does everything possible to obscure the true driver of rising emissions – China – while falsely blaming the Canadian energy sector.

Guilbeault’s gaslighting is doing significant damage to Canada’s economy and our national unity. At the same time, he is an advisor to the ruthless Chinese Communist Party State that kidnapped Canadian Citizens.

It’s a truly disgraceful move by the Environment Minister, and further demonstrates why he shouldn’t be anywhere near a position of power.

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