Thursday, February 8, 2018

Read China's Lies: Its' Policy re:The Arctic


Full text: China’s Arctic Policy

Updated: Jan 26,2018 1:50 PM     Xinhua

[I guess they cant get their dates right! LOL]

BEIJING — The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China published a white paper titled “China’s Arctic Policy” on Jan 26.
Following is the full text of the white paper:
China’s Arctic Policy
The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China
January 2018
First Edition 2018
I. The Arctic Situation and Recent Changes
II. China and the Arctic
III. China’s Policy Goals and Basic Principles on the Arctic
IV. China’s Policies and Positions on Participating in Arctic Affairs
1. Deepening the exploration and understanding of the Arctic
2. Protecting the eco-environment of the Arctic and addressing climate change
3. Utilizing Arctic Resources in a Lawful and Rational Manner
4. Participating Actively in Arctic governance and international cooperation
5. Promoting peace and stability in the Arctic Conclusion
Global warming in recent years has accelerated the melting of ice and snow in the Arctic region. As economic globalization and regional integration further develops and deepens, the Arctic is gaining global significance for its rising strategic, economic values and those relating to scientific research, environmental protection, sea passages, and natural resources. The Arctic situation now goes beyond its original inter-Arctic States or regional nature, having a vital bearing on the interests of States outside the region and the interests of the international community as a whole, as well as on the survival, the development, and the shared future for mankind. It is an issue with global implications and international impacts.

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