Sunday, November 5, 2017

A WARNING: Chinese Yuan being now used to buy Saudi Oil, US Greenback/PetroDollars GONE!

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The Chinese Yuan has been accepted as the new currency for buying Saudi Oil, prepare yourselves for a major blow to the American economy beginning in the New year. The American Greenback or PetroDollar was once the international currency underpinning all other currencies worldwide because of it...ended this years end!.This is in effect a currency war! Watch what Trudeau will do also, I believe he will FORCE Canada to side with the Chinese over this matter and accept the Chinese Yuan willingly against the will of all Canadians, this will demonstrate his true colours. Prepare for a major correction in all markets in the New Year. Global inflation will rise dramatically and you'll see more alignments with Communist China through boy'Trudeau, he will help precipitate this collapse by doing so.
So prepare yourselves...this is a warning. The top 2%,the wealthiest of the world, will start this collapse by drawing their money out..its already happening. As a top economist and researcher Gerald Celente has said: "the fish rots from the head". As a Canadian I am deeply concerned that boy'Trudeau will align Canada with Communist China over this currency war, thereby assisting China to bring down the US